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What people are talking about on Social Media in Myanmar

This last week COVID-19 is back on peoples mind…..

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi hosted a cloth face mask campaign, in order to promote the awareness of wearing face masks to the public. Eric Yang, a Myanmar national living abroad won people’s choice. Russia’s ambassador to Myanmar, H.E. Dr. Nikolay Listopadov, and family made masks out of Russian fabric. The Lady gave them a special award. The contest, held over three days, drew more than 20,000 photos. However, some people complain on Facebook if cloth face masks are as safe and reliable as medical disposable ones from the point of protecting yourself, not others from you….

David Lah, the preacher who said Christians were immune to the coronavirus and then contracted it himself, now in Insein prison until June 3 while police continue their investigations, face a maximum three-year prison term under the disaster management law over church services held in Yangon early April. At least 22 of the recorded cases in Myanmar were traced to the religious gathering hosted by Pastor David Lah. Photos of him entering the court like a Jesus went viral.

The social distancing being implemented in restaurants is being questioned if it is effective as other parts of society, such as the crowded buses, fail to follow.

A majority of the new cases are being linked to returnees from Malaysia, causing worries about a new way due to the many people returning.

Celebrities are also facing challenges to make money and can now be seen cooking and selling goods from their social media platforms.

As more celebrities are selling food and meals online, restaurant owners complain that they are facing unfair competition as the online food sellers are not regulated and don’t pay taxes.

In apparent defiance of their own rules, Yangon’s regional government came under fire after Yangon Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein and Naing Ngan Lin, chairman of the COVID-19 Control and Emergency Response Committee, attended a religious festival at Botataung Pagoda on Sunday. Myanmar has banned all festivals and social gatherings through the end of May to fight the pandemic, and police complaints are being filed from private citizens referring to the fact that David Lah and a few more are being prosecuted for breaking the law arranging religious events….



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