WE WERE KINGS can now be watched online

On Monday Grammar’s Alex Bescoby will join History Hit’s Dan Snow for a special live video Q&A to launch the award-winning debut film, We Were Kings, on Timeline’s Youtube  Channel at 9.30 pm Myanmar time.

You’ll then be able to watch We Were Kings – the story of Burma’s lost royal family – for free on YouTube via Timeline from anywhere in the world. If you can’t join the live Q&A, no worries, you will be able to watch it via Timeline’s youtube channel later too.

The Story behind We Were Kings:

We Were Kings was Grammar’s debut documentary, created by filmmaking duo Alex Bescoby and Max Jones. It was first conceived back in 2013, filmed in Myanmar, India and beyond between 2014-16, and had its world premiere in 2017 at The British Library.

We Were Kings tells the story of how in 1885 the British army invaded Burma and deposed its King. He died in exile, ending a thousand years of monarchy. The royal family vanished, and the country was plunged into war and the longest military dictatorship of modern times.

But after a century of silence they’re back, and they’re on a journey to bring the family – past and present – back together. Filmed through three years of seismic change in Burma, this is the story of a family and a country emerging from the darkness.

We Were Kings was the recipient of the inaugural Whicker’s World Foundation Funding Award, a film prize created in honour of British travel TV legend Alan Whicker.

Watch the trailer of ‘We Were Kings’ 

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