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Authentic fresh Mandalay noodles for takeaway

One of the most enjoyable things when visiting Mandalay is the abundance of great quality breakfast/noodle places.

Mandalay Tea Room has for several years been set to bring the same experience to Yangon through its two outlets, one in Sanchaung and one in Yankin.

At first the pricing feels a bit higher than other noodle places, 3,000 kyats for a Meeshay or Mont T. But opening up the package you notice the difference:

  • Each dish comes with a generous amount of meat
  • The ingredients are sourced directly from Mandalay, a difference in taste the real noodle connoisseur will notice, making a Mandalay born feel like home
  • The noodles are fresh and texture is good
  • Each dish has it’s own type of soup accompanying it

The packaging is well adapted to the dishes. Each ingredient separately packaged to preserve the taste and texture.

Chili is also provided on the side, it is spicy so don’t put on it all. Taste first to find your preferred level.

The Malai Tea was less sweet than expected and tasty, also seems a bit pricey for MMK 3,000 but the cup size is tall and double the normal size and good size for a tea lover.

What stood out: The fish maw (stomach) with the Khotaung Mont T was quite unique and special (for those who like it), and the spring onion soup with the Mandalay Mont T was very delicious.

Our order:

  • A Htam Mheeshay (pork, thick slices; pork bone soup) – MMK 3,000
  • Mandalay Mont T (chicken; spring onion soup ) – MMK 3,000
  • Khotaung Mont T (vegetarian tempura with a piece of fish maw that goes well with its accompanying  fish head soup) – MMK 3,000
  • Malai tea – MMK 3,000

Packaging is extra, MMK 200 kyat per box so for three dishes, three complimentary soups, and three tea, the additional charge is MMK 1,800 kyat


See our original review here https://www.myanmore.com/2017/07/mandalay-tea-room-taste-mandalay-yangon/

Order online from your favourite app or contact them directly https://www.facebook.com/MANYGN/



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