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Indoor gardening guide

When you’re stuck at home working in front of the computer for months, having patches of green will help you relax your eyes. Nurturing indoor plants is also a great stress reliever. Here are some indoor gardening tips and our guide to shops where you can buy indoor plants with delivery within Yangon and beyond. 

How to nurture

Tip 1

The worst mistake most amateur indoor planters make is watering the plants frequently. Since indoor plants are grown in a pot with a limited space, the excess water is trapped in the pot, leading to root rot. Our advice is to test the soil by inserting your finger in it. If you feel dryness in the soil, water it. The pot with drainage holes helps, too. 

Tip 2

As the plants need sunlight like you and me. Expose them to the warm 8 am sun. Avoid direct sunlight, however. Make sure to bring them back to the shade as the sun rises higher in the sky. The afternoon sun can burn the leaves. So, be careful.

Tip 3

Garden soil is too heavy and dense for indoor plants. If you can’t find potting mix, let plant sellers provide you with the soil already in the pot. Crush some eggshells and mix it with boiled water. Leave it for a night and pour it on the soil the next morning. Coffee grounds can be used as a fertiliser, too. 

The aforementioned tips are just a general rule of thumb. Each plant is unique and some specific conditions (humidity, light, acidity of the soil, etc) have impacts on your little green friends. 

Where to buy

Here are some shops that deliver to your doorstep. 

Mie Mie’s Plants Collection – If you have a small plot of land for outdoor gardening, it can supply you with flowering plants and fruit trees such as rambutan and oranges. Delivery is available for Yangon and beyond. You can also check out its collection in person.

Visit: No. 76, Ground floor, Yae Ku Ywar Ma St, Block 9, Kabaraye, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
Call: 01 657 176

Green Plants Shop – If you’re looking for something to decorate your table and bookshelf, visit its page. From snake plants and aloe vera to colourful willows, choices are plenty. 

Visit: No. 331 (near the Thida St. bus stop), Banyar Dala St., Ayoekone Ward, Tamwe Tso, Yangon.
Call: 09 974 569824

Home Garden Yangon – From cactus to succulent, you can find a variety of indoor pants. The prices are usually below Ks10,000. 

Call: 09 963 155741 

Serendip – It specialises in succulents but you may find other indoor plants like calathea and aglaonema. Online only and delivery is available within Yangon.

Where to discuss and seek advice

Below are the Facebook groups for extra help and discussions.

Indoor Plants & Flower Lovers – For discussions in general. 

Yangon Indoor Plants Exchange – You can trade plants. 

Carnivorous Plant Of Myanmar – Learn about carnivorous plants like venus flytrap and pitchers. 

MYANMAR CACTUS – Cactus lovers’ support group. 

Aquarium Planted Lovers – If you have a fish tank at home, discuss and learn how to decorate it. 

Satisfied with our guide? If we missed anything, please let us know in the comments. Happy gardening! 



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