Authorities in Yangon Government Region will take action by pressing charges to those who don’t wear a mask while going outside as a precaution to prevent the spread of the virus from 13 May 2020. 

Today, Myanmar, once more, reports zero new cases found over the last two days after the Ministry of Health published on its Facebook that two new cases tested positive on Sunday night bringing the total number of cases to 180. The statement also added 6 deaths and 72 recoveries as an update.

Although the numbers kept jumping up, vehicles took over Yangon’s busy roads and people are going to work for their families as it is back to normal. “As a precaution, those who go outside from the house without wearing a mask will be charged under the Prevention and Control of Communicable Disease Law and fined 5,000 Ks” said U Kyaw Aye Naing, the NLD Central Information Committee Member to The Myanmar Times on 11 May 2020.

“People are not following the instructions and recommendations. So we are going to find those who don’t wear masks on the roads and once found, they will have to pay fines at the courts as this is an offence under the law”, added U Kyaw Kyaw Tun, from Hluttaw.

Other states and regions are following this action by the Prevention and Control of Communicable Disease Law. 

We understand that this is the necessary precaution to stop the novel coronavirus. The question is “What if someone’s not affordable to buy one while the shops are keeping up the price that’s beyond the reasonable price?”


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