[Guide] Bakeries and pastries to your doorstep

When we all eat more at home, it is always nice to have fresh baked goods and pastries. These are some bakeries that deliver to your doorstep.

You can now order Sharky’s pastry items online – Baguette, multi-grain or whole wheat bread, sourdough, bagel and more. 

You can order one day in advance online or via phone and get delivery service.

Free delivery fees for orders over 45000 Ks on weekdays and over 30000 Ks on Sunday

Hours: 10am – 9pm
Website: https://www.sharkys.com.mm/online-ordering-delivery
Tel: 09 424 271 233

Yangon Bakehouse is now offering takeaway and delivery service for its bakery items. The products include sweets, pastries, cakes and pies, British pies and rolls, soups, quiches, cookies and other provisions. 

You can order one day in advance online and get delivery service or takeaway.

Pick-up time: between 7am – 6pm
Delivery time: 8am – 3pm (Monday to Friday)
Tel: 09 797 008 932
Website: http://www.yangonbakehouse.com/

Uncle Tetsu’s most well-known cheesecake – original and chocolate can be now ordered via delivery services. 

Delivery: Hi-so Mall, Grab Food, Foodpanda, Food2u

Special birthday cakes can also be ordered two days in advance from Uncle Tetsu’s Facebook page and the shop will deliver itself to your home.

Tel: 09 96400 6093

Othentic’s dessert and cake items- cheesecake, chocolate or lemon tart, quiche and more are available for delivery service.

You can preorder 1 day in advance from its Facebook page and free delivery for orders over 40000 Ks.

Tel: 09 449 529 557

BreadTalk’s pastries will be available for delivery service.

You can preorder 1 day in advance from its Hotline delivery and free delivery for orders at 30000 Ks and above (selected items) and delivery charges at 1500 Ks.

Order time: 9am – 3pm
Delivery time: 10am – 8pm on the next day
(Need to order minimum 10000 Ks and above)

BreadTalk Hotline number: 09 255 111 537, 09 255 111 535

Other products can be ordered via delivery services: FoodMall, Food2u, Yangon Door2Door, Hi-so Mall, Foodpanda

Buy your favorite donuts at Krispy Kreme!

PROMOTION: Buy Assorted Dozen or Make Your Own Dozen and get a free dozen of Original Glazed donuts

You can order via Yangon Door2Door, Food2u, Foodpanda or takeaway at the stores.

SP Bakery is now delivering its selected products to your doorstep. You can choose your favorite products – from baked goods to milk tea and yogurt, and order them via phone.

Delivery time: 9:30am – 7:30pm

Tel: 09 265 388 880, 09 969 919 072

You can now order Yuki Mugi’s Japanese style bread, cakes, other pastries and also coffee takeaway. Leave a message on its Facebook page and have it delivered to your home, with free delivery fees for orders over 30000 Ks.

Order time: 9am – 5pm
Tel: 09 760 654 602

Order Origin’s coffee and food including various pastries, rice boxes, sandwiches and more from its hotline number and other delivery services.

Takeaway and delivery time: 9:30am – 6:30pm
Origin’s Hotline Number: 09 964 175 265
Delivery: Yangon Door2Door, Foodpanda,GrabFood


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