One of the most important things that a lot of people need at the moment, amid this virus outbreak and quarantine period, is calmness. It is understandable that people are full of stress and worries with everything happening around them, however, we also need to practise to stay calm and cool to overcome those. So, what is one of the best ways to do so? Scented candles! They are known to help you relax your body and soul, reduce your anxiety and stress and create an ambience of relaxation. Here are 4 places where you can buy scented candles online. So burn your candle, turn on music and take a long, relaxing bath!

KOKO Home / KOKO Soy candles

This local made scented candle shop was founded in 2016, producing hand crafted natural products. KOKO Home is popular among a lot of people, for its handmade and organic scented candles and perfume diffusers. Offering varieties of different scents such as Wild Citrus, Hawaii Breeze, Burmese Padauk and more, prices of the products are also affordable- starting from 12000 Ks for candles and 22000 Ks for diffusers, with the burn time of 25 to 30 hours. Moreover, 10% of its profits go to electricity and water needs in Myanmar so what are you waiting for? 


Tel: 09 980 070 640

The Scent Studio 

Using fine fragrance oil, The Scent Studio produces soy and coconut wax candles. With different relaxing scents such as Lavender, Eucalyptus, Pink Guava, etc., the candles come in colorful packages with different names such as Good Day, Take Care, Miss You and more. Apparently, The Scent Studio has also produced  candles with Vanilla and Peppermint scents which is named “I want to QUARANTINE with you”, which would be a good choice for your stay-at-home period. The candles can be burned from 20 to 25 hours and the price starts from 11000 Ks. 


BodyBody Myanmar

You can also get scented candles from this skincare place. In order for you to enjoy a relaxing long bath or self-care session with scented candles, BodyBody Myanmar has produced varieties of scents – Cool Pine for refreshing and spicy vibe, Ylang Ylang for refreshing and floral vibe, Woody Rose for sweet and musky scent and a lot more, all at the price of 11000 Ks.


Tel: 09 204 3274

Hope Scent Solutions

This is not actually a scented candle shop. Hope Scent Solution produces reed diffusers, car diffusers and odor removers. Hope has been loved by a lot of people in Myanmar, for its wide selection of refreshing scents and reasonable prices. Fresh and natural scents such as Tropical scent, Ginger Flower scent, Sandalwood scent and more are available for diffusers. Those scents are also useful for restoring the air with its natural touches. The prices are also very affordable, with 4500 Ks for odor removers and 8500 Ks for diffusers.


Tel: 09 777 771 206



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