The National Library of Myanmar is now providing an Online Public Access Catalogue where you can see information about books and literature that the library has preserved.

In order to make it easy for bookworms to read at home during this quarantine period, the National Library has created more than 30,000 eBooks and provided website links of various book categories that are at the library. You can now find a variety of different categories from its e-resources collections, including Asian literature, magazines and more.

  1. Old Myanmar books
  2. Books about Myanmar
  3. Old magazines
  4. Old journals
  5. Manuscripts
  6. Archaeological collection
  7. Educational reports
  8. Buddhist literature Collection
  9. Children’s Books Collection

Moreover, the following links will guide you how to borrow eBooks or make a library member card.

  1. If you want to borrow and read ebooks from the E-library of National Library Yangon – (IG publishing eBook database link)
  2. If you want to search books at Myanmar National Library-
  3. How to borrow and read eBooks from your mobile phone –
  4. How to make Digital Library Card –
  5. The link to National Library Myanmar (Yangon) –
  6. OPAC of National Library Myanmar (Yangon) –

All the books mentioned above are only available in Burmese language for now. Visit National Library website for more books and inquiries.

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