Affordable noodles, local flavors, and free delivery: Mogok Noodle Bar is making my holiday a little more convenient. I haven’t had everything on the menu, but I am making my way through it steadily, enjoying the variety and consistent quality.

There are four options of Shan noodles, but two stand out: Shan Noodle and Sticky Shan Noodle Si Chat. Of the curry ones you can choose between Chicken Curry Noodle or Pork Curry Noodle

If you enjoy sweet and spicy salads, look for the Corn Salad or the Papaya Salad.

[Review] What to choose from Mogok Noodle Bar[Review] What to choose from Mogok Noodle Bar

If you are like me you crack open your Shan Noodles or your Sticky Shan Noodle Si Chat, and pour in your soup and get to work on the savory and delicious noodles. Mogok Noodle Bar serves a consistently savory Shan noodle that satisfies your cravings.

[Review] What to choose from Mogok Noodle BarFor the two curry options, chicken curry or pork curry noodles, you are guaranteed flavor. The noodles have a great texture, the chicken is lightly spiced, and the pork is flavorful and savory.

The papaya salad is both bitter and sweet. The fish oil and the oil from the chili within play on your tongue, offering a party of flavor between bites of your noodles. The corn salad is a mixture of sweet from the corn, sour from the lime, spicy from the chili, and umami from fish sauce. You can enjoy the flavors and the heft to the corn.

There are more things to explore so flip through the menu and share with us your favorite as your Shan noodle craving hits again.

Mogok Noodle Bar is located on Bogalay Zay Street. You can call them at 09797159924 or order through food delivery apps such as Food Panda for lunch and dinner.


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