Almost everything has shut down in Yangon by the end of March and we are all surviving inside our homes since restaurants and cafes offer food delivery services and some marts, of course, sell online and deliver to our doorsteps. The roads are empty as the pandemic continues. However, there are still those delivery guys working on the streets for our convenience shopping with their bikes. Although they are earning from their hard work, what can we do in return for them as a sign of good gesture and appreciation? Here are some ideas I have;

  1. Try not to complain if they do not come on time: For me, I used to always complain to the delivery guys or the company when my order doesn’t come on time. Then, I started to think that they could be late because of the traffic or some other reasons, however, none of those reasons would be of intention. I can also see some delivery guys on the road, struggling to work hard despite the weather conditions. That’s why I try to stay positive and not complain to them for being late.
  2. Leave water or snacks for them: We can give them some water, juice or light snacks. They must be thirsty or hungry, walking and cycling around the whole city. Also, I found that one of the beauty bloggers on Facebook posted a photo of a juice bottle and some paper cups for delivery guys. She wrote that she feels sorry whenever she sees them so that she prepared those as a good gesture in return of their service
  3. Give face masks and hand sanitizers: It is not easy to work outside with all those virus outbreaks. It can be more risky for them than us who can just stay at home amid the outbreak. So that, if it is possible, we can spare some face masks and hand sanitizers for their safety. It doesn’t cost a lot yet it can give a lot of benefits for everyone
  4. Express your thankfulness: Show your appreciation and thankfulness for their service. Those simple two words “Thank You” can make a lot of difference. It matters a lot and is the easiest way to make their days better.


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