Here is the list of mobile apps and games that people talk about and use during their lockdown at home. From work to entertainment, these can be said as the trending worldwide that people have been spending time during their stay-home periods.


1Google Meet

Forget Zoom, Google Meet is super easy to use for connecting and communicating with your colleagues during your work-from-home period. Google Meet can be used to hold small meetings with team members and it also allows up to 250 participants. You can just share a link of the scheduled meeting and anyone can join the meeting from mobile phone or desktop.

Apps: iOS, Android


2Animal Crossing

This Nintendo Switch game was launched in late March 2020 and has been popular among a lot of people since then. Animal Crossing features over 100 animals with different personalities and the players spend their lives on an island, completing different tasks. You can design your campsite with varieties of decorations and build friendships with other animals and even invite them to your campsite. This game is somehow comforting for the players to build and live in a perfect imaginary world amid the pandemic crisis. 

Apps: iOS

Health & Fitness

3Nike Training Club

It is important to stay active and healthy during your home quarantine period. This is my personally recommended workout app- Nike Training Club helps you stay fit and healthy with its more than 150 workouts for all levels. From body-part focused workouts to yoga and mobility, Nike offers various sessions narrated by Nike top trainers. Remember to stay healthy and spend your quarantine usefully by working out.

Apps: iOS, Android


wIt is also important to take care of your mental health during this crisis. You can now cleanse your soul with Headspace which will guide you the way to mindfulness. Choose from over 100 different guided meditations for your anxiety or productivity or managing stress. 

Apps: iOS, Android

Social Media


Apart from Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok is another social media platform that a lot of people have been spending their time on.  With its various features to create short dance, lip sync, comedy, etc., Tik Tok is also popular among a lot of famous celebrities such as Ariana Grande, J Lo, Dua Lipa and a lot more. The videos are fun to watch and can somehow show the talents and creative sides of users.

Apps: iOS, Android



Not something to be introduced, Netflix is undoubtedly the most used streaming platform for those staying at home. Varieties of award-winning movies, tv shows, documentaries and more are available on Netflix. With its very reasonable price for subscription per month, Netflix is the perfect choice to stream a variety of movies and tv shows. So, make your quarantine watch list and binge-watch your favorites.

Apps: iOS, Android

Virtual Tours


You can now travel around the world with this app. YouVisit allows you to take a tour around popular places in the world, just from your mobile phone. Are you craving for a tour around Paris or a sky view of New York City or a visit to Nasa? You can do all of this with YouVisit so just plug in your headphones and explore your favourite spots.

Apps: iOS, Android

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