Almost 5 billion Youtube videos are being watched everyday, as the reports say. Whatever you want to find, with a video clip, of course one would run to Youtube and find what he/she needs. Although it can be a bit challenging to find great content that matches your interest, these are some Youtube videos channels that we have recommended for different categories. Hope you find a new hobby during these quarantine days.


1Anthem Lights

This is an American musical group who made its debut in 2007. This 4-member-group makes their own songs as well as mashup songs of other artists. They have made several mashup songs such as The Greatest Showman Medley from The Greatest Showman movie, Backstreet Boys Medley, etc. Along with the members’ powerful voices, the group has also made various hymns medleys. Check out Anthem Lights’s Queen Medley below.



This large cooking channel with 18M subscribers provides various recipes of talented chefs and tips and ideas for your shopping and kitchen. From preparations of light bites to heavy meals, Tasty presents interesting recipe topics such as snacks for your movie night or recipes for red velvet lovers. You can learn different recipes from around the world with its tasty-looking breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert menus.

3The Kitchn

The Kitchn is another useful food channel offering daily recipes, tips and shopping guides to the viewers. The recipes include food from around the world, with clear instructions and neat and delicious presentation by experienced chefs and food editors. I’ve already found my favourite recipe- Chai-spiced Muffins! Check the below link to watch the full recipe.

Health and Fitness

4Sarah’s Day

This channel is run by Sarah, who focuses on a healthy lifestyle, creating healthy recipes, fitness plans and home remedies. This young mom of an adorable baby shares how she stays fit with healthy food and daily workout plans. Her videos will make you inspired with her interesting hacks and tips on staying healthy.

5Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna is a British fitness blogger and a personal trainer. On her YouTube channel, she shares her fitness routines, travel and food vlogs. Being passionate about living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, she also shares tips for healthy diets and well-being hacks. Check the video below to see how she has been spending her day during quarantine.


6Kristin Johns

She is my favourite YouTuber and lifestyle blogger so far. Kristin posts a lot of contents from her daily life with her husband and two golden retrievers to make up tutorials. Her fashion hauls are also very inspiring with bohemian and vintage themes and now, she has been sharing a lot of baking tutorials on her channel.

Yoga and Meditation

7The Honest Guys

The Honest Guys is a musical group, producing relaxing and soothing music for mindfulness meditation. They produce various stress relief music, nature sounds, guided sleep meditations and a lot more to find inner peace of ourselves. Whenever you feel tension or stress, try listening to their music that will soothe your mind.

8Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is a yoga instructor, sharing several yoga videos on her channel. Instructing different yoga practices such as core strength, yoga for deep sleep, body and mind flexibility and more, Tara is also the founder of Strala yoga, which is designed to clear the body and mind.


9Lone Fox

With over 520 subscribers, Lonefox is a YouTube channel, posting videos about DIY projects for room decors and home makeovers. It provides several different ideas for DIYs, which are super creative, contemporary, fun and affordable at the same time. Whether you are looking for Boho room decor ideas or eco friendly projects, you can find those on Lone Fox channel. Here is an idea of DIY room decors with toilet paper rolls.

10Buzzfeed Nifty

Buzzfeed Nifty shares creative ideas on DIY projects and money saving hacks for your everyday life. You can see tons of new and artistic ideas that you might have never thought of trying before. For instance, have you ever wondered what you could have done with Silica Gel packets in your packages? You can see the DIY ideas of transforming those into something useful on Buzzfeed Nifty. There are also other different videos such as home decor ideas, DIY face masks and more.

Fashion and Beauty


Not someone to be introduced- Nikkie is one of the most popular beauty bloggers with over 13M subscribers on her channel. Most of her videos receive a lot of viewers, including her most successful video that she did in 2015, which is called “The Power of MAKEUP!” by showing two sides of her face, with makeup on one side and none on the other. She has also done makeovers for famous celebrities such as Lady Gaga.

12Victoria Lyn

This YouTube personality and makeup artist shares beauty and skincare tips. She mostly uses artistic looks with bold and vibrant shades in her vlogs, sometimes creating several Disney and other cartoon characters. She also shares great skincare tips. If you are looking for glittery and creative makeup looks, she is the one to go for.

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