This is a selection of topics circulating in the Myanmar social media sphere over the last week.

Rumors of the North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un’s death took all over social media. People have been talking about how he has been disappearing in front of the public eye for about 2 months. Although there is no confirmed report on it from any news media, people were speaking his sister Kim Yo Jong will take the leadership who believed to be one of her brother’s closest and most trusted aides. And the memes kept that fire burning..

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, attends a wreath laying ceremony at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi, Vietnam, on March 2, 2019.
Kim Yo Jong (Photo credit goes to the owner).

Kim Jong Un Death Rumours Continue, But Everyone's Also Checking ...
Zaw Win Htut, the famous rockstar, was tested negative for COVID-19 and netizens showed their gratitude to him. He went into quarantine after having close contact with one of the COVID-19 positive patients.

Not only Dalgona Coffee — new recipes took place as a trend now such as Strawberry Milk + Orea Milk Dalgona, Matcha Dalgona, Dalgona Milo and more.

Matcha Dalgona, Milo Dalgona, Dalgona Oreo Milk and more ...

Parkroyal Hotel Yangon was shut down on 24th April due to one of the hotel staff being tested positive.

Thai Air Asia has released a sneak peek of its new PPE uniform for flight attendants on news today. Applauses were given to the company and rejections followed at the same time regarding that flying should be kept for more time being as a precaution.

Netizens were also arguing about whether positive patients’ personal information be published or should not since residents in the street of the patients appeared in groups and took pictures with their mobile phones and posted on their Facebook accounts for the update news when the authorities came and picked them up with ambulances. Some netizens suggested that the government should take care of it more confidentially.


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