Parami Pizza has introduced its “Parami Pizza at Home” menu for those who are craving for its best tastes in Yangon since first week of April. The items in the menu are ready to cook once it is delivered to you or you can even put them in your freezer for the week you plan to cook.

Last Friday, we ordered a pizza kit, lasagna and chicken wings to try at my place.

This paragraph is only for those who are wondering what is a pizza kit. Pizza Kits include everything you need to make pizzas; flours, dough, sauce, toppings, etc, at home in less than 10 minutes. All items are individually packaged, so whatever is not immediately used can be stored in your fridge or freezer.

So let’s forward to how it looks once you received them.

Here, what is inside my pizza kit.

  1. A package of pizza dough
  2. A package of pizza sauce
  3. A package of dusting flour
  4. A package of cheese flakes
  5. A package of oregano leaves

Beef lasagna and chicken wings come with plastic containers wrapped with foils so you can just put them into the oven and heat.

Now it’s time to make our pizza!

If you don’t know how to do it, we suggest you watch this video.

For us, we used an enamel plate since we didn’t have a pizza stone or baking sheet. First, we sprinkled dusting flours on top of the dough ball. Then we took it out and stretched it on the plate. Put sauce on the dough, cheese, added some sausages and oregano leaves on top. And it’s ready to go inside the oven!

For the temperature, preheat your oven to the highest setting first. Then adjust the temperature to 150-180 degrees in-between. Keep it until 15-20 minutes but please check as if it takes shorter period sometime depending on the dough you made.

Alright. Let’s go back to our wings and lasagna. Same method of heating, but easier. Just remove the top cover and put them into the oven separately — one at a time — and it should take 10-12 minutes at longest.

So let’s see our results!

Unfortunately, our pizza is a bit overheated since we forgot to check at some point. But only the the look gets bad, the pizza is still delicious. Wings and lasagna looks yummy as soon as they took out from the oven. And they actually do!

See the before and after pictures as following beneath.

Overall, it was smooth and easy to make these dishes and eat at home since Parami Pizza made it easier for our comfort. Don’t risk your life going to the market for the ingredients. I would recommend Parami’s pizza kits to make your DIY pizza at home during lockdown. And I would definitely order more for my future DIY pizzas and improve my skills. It’s also fun!

Oh, check out the menu and pricings here. Call 01 392 263 to order, delivery charges may apply upon your address. You can also order from Yangondoor2door delivery app.


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