Local digital artists have weighed in on fighting COVID-19 through moral support. The #covid19slayerschallenge is a series of artworks that depict fantastical heroes beating the virus.

The artist uploads their drawings by tagging other artists they want to produce their own artworks and challenge more artists. They welcome all the digital artists to participate even if they’re not challenged.

They draw inspirations from Burmese folklore and science fiction. Follow the hashtag to see more.

Zawgyi is a mythical healer from the Burmese cosmology. Well-versed in arcane arts pertaining to medicine, no other figure from the local folklores is more equipped to beat the virus. Htet Aung, who started the challenge, produced this artwork.

“He may be a great healer but still needs a mask to protect himself from the virus. It’s to signify the importance of surgical masks in our fight against the pandemic,” says he.

The wasp-like heroine is a time-traveller. She came from the future to save the world from the pandemic, explains its creator Zeyar Win Htet.

Thet Paing Kha produced a band of heroes to combat COVID-19. At the centre is a nurse, representing the first responders. Team members include a smiley tiger, a carefree lion and a golden goose.

“Each member has distinguished personality. For example, the lion smokes. It could make him vulnerable to the virus that attacks the respiratory system. He knows this but doesn’t care. He’s not afraid to pay for his actions.”


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