With commercial flights cancelled and transit restrictions in many places, those who haven’t already travelled home face limited options. Fortunately, embassies and organisations are arranging charted flights to facilitate the return to many destinations before Thingyan.

The following flights are currently coming up next week.

  • ANA Yangon – Tokyo on 8-10 April.
    Book through ANA.
  • MAI Yangon – Seoul on 7, 9 and 11 April.
    Book through MAI or travel agency.
  • Korean Air Yangon – Seoul on 10 April.
    Book through Korean Air or travel agency.
  • Qatar Airways Yangon – Doha on 6 and 7 April.
    Book on Qatar Airways and use the code TRAVELHOME for a 10% discount.

Be aware that there are likely to come more restrictions on movement and more closures of public places such as hotels all across Myanmar.

During Thingyan you will be asked to stay home and there could be limited access to groceries, as always during Thingyan in fact, so ensure you have enough water and food for this period and longer.

Stay safe and let us know of any tips or updates that we should share!

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