This morning, a medical team from Yunnan, China with 12 specialists arrived in Yangon, Myanmar to support the protocol to fight against the virus. Accompanying with the good news, bad ones follow as 2 people have died from the virus at the same day according to Dr Khin Khin Gyi, director of the Health Ministry. 

Patient no. 05, a 69-year-old died on 31 March 2020. His condition had been bad before he was taken to the hospital and it was not the COVID-19 that took his life. He died because of his other diseases, said the director.

Today, Patient no. 17 passed away early this morning at 3:40 am because of ”respiratory failure with septicemia due to COVID-19”, confirms Dr Khin Khin Gyi at the Ministry of Health. The 47-year-old was the deputy administrator of Pauk Khaung Township and was receiving treatment at the Pyay General Hospital. He was diagnosed with the virus on 2 April.

Patient no. 16 passed away at 10:05 am. The health professional added that the cause of death was ”acute myocardial infarction with cardiogenic shock, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and sepsis due to severe pneumonia, cytokines storm associated with COVID-19 infection.” The patient was 63 years old and diabetic. She was receiving treatment at the Wai Bar Gi Hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19 on 1 April.

Note: The exact cause of death is updated at 12:21 pm.

In Myanmar, the deaths now stand at three with 22 infected. 

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Min Ye Kyaw
Matt worked with MYANMORE for four years covering a wide range of topics.


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