Myanmar – The Ministry of Health reported 3 new cases of COVID-19 were found at Taunggyi, Yangon and Tedim on 11th April 2020 and 8 more cases followed on 12th April in Yangon region, bringing the total number of patients to 39 just before Thingyan New Year.

Case 029 is a 26-year-old male who lives in Taunggyi, Shan State. He traveled to Yangon, Myanmar from the UK on 28th March and was quarantined upon arrival at a facility unit in Mingaladon township. He tested positive for the virus although his condition is doing well and he will be transferred to Sat San Htun Hospital Taunggyi for further treatments.

Case 030 is a 58-year-old Doctor In Charge at Yangon facility quarantine unit and had direct contact with the earlier confirmed patient. Her test was sent to the National Laboratory and later came out as positive. She will be sent to Wai Bar Gi Hospital for isolation under particular medical care. Her condition was reported as good.

Case 031 is a 49-year-old female who lives in Tidim, Chin State and had direct contact with case 001. She was isolated since case 001 was tested positive for the virus on 25th March. Now she is transferred to Tidim Hospital and being treated.

Case 032 is confirmed as a 38-year-old man who lives in Hlegu and he developed symptoms of illness, coughing from 23th March and was hospitalized at Hlegu Hospital on 28th March. Since he has a travel history to China in the past three months, his test was sent to the National Laboratory and tested positive for the virus on 12th April.

Case 033, 034, 035, 036, 037 and 038 are individuals who live in Insein township and tested positive for the virus at the same time. They all have had a lack of travelling abroad in the past 14 days and according to the Ministry of Health, all presumed as local transmissions. The statuses of all patients are stable now and they are being treated at Insein General Hospital. Authorities are now on trace of people who had contact with patients and they will be sent to quarantined units immediately once found.

Update: Case 039 has just reported as a confirmed 85-year-old man who is under quarantine unit at Yangon General Hospital. It was reported on 6:30pm today.

Myanmar has now 39 confirmed cases nationwide and 3 deaths. The Ministry of Health is now urging people to stay home for the minimum period of next four weeks until 6th May 2020. We also encourage everyone to stay home as much as possible and don’t go out unless it’s objectively necessary. Stay safe everyone!

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