The Ministry of Health Myanmar has reported four new cases and one death, bringing the total number of 150 cases at 8:00 PM on 28 April 2020 after it reported 0 cases for two days straight in the morning on the same day.

Case 110, a 63-year-old diabetic man who also has hypertension was hospitalized on 20 April at South Okkalapa Women and Children Hospital and sent to special treatment on 22 April. Unfortunately, due to his condition with stricken diseases, he passed away at 11:15 AM on 29 April 2020.  

Other four more cases were tested positive on individuals from Tamwe, South Okkalapa townships in Yangon and Hakha in Chin State. 

Yesterday, Myanmar’s very first patient Case 01 was discharged from Tidim Hospital he tested negative again. He tested negative once on 24 April 2020. He first tested positive for the virus on 23 March along with a 26-year-old man from Yangon who returned home from the UK.

A netizen has posted on his Youtube channel as he recorded a video clip of Case 01 slowly walking out the hospital as he was discharged from Tidim Hospital and nurses and doctors were cheering him on. See it below.

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Min Ye Kyaw
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