As the residents in Yangon encountered the rain started two days ago, while Myanmar is fighting against the novel coronavirus at the same time, the Ministry of Health has declared that there’s no new positive case found for the past two and a half days as the latest report has published on its Facebook page at 7:00 am today.

The National Health Laboratory (NHL) has recently tested a total of 345 individuals that are taken to the quarantine units and the results came out as negative this morning. Authorities also said case-1, a 36-year-old US green card holder from Tedim, Chin State could be discharged from the hospital soon if he tests negative again as he did on 24 April 2020 according to Dr U Aung Ngwe San, chief officer of NHL to The Myanmar Times on 27 April. He is a first ever tested positive for the virus on 23 March along with a 26-year-old Yangonite who returned home from the UK.

All eyes are set on the page of The Ministry of Health and Sports Myanmar now whether it will publish an update on the numbers of patients in the nation.

Latterly, streets in Botahtaung townships are under lockdown and only the residents are allowed to travel through the area — no taxi, no guest automobiles. With a whiteboard standing at the top of each street that writes “Please wear face masks when you go out”, you will have to wear face masks once you plan to go out. Hand sanitizers are put stand by at the hand basin beside the tent where they keep a watchful eye on people passing by.

The State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi writes on her Facebook, “Once a nobel laureate says that battles are led to be united, not to attack. That’s my favourite notion. It’s important that we have to unite as one while facing these kinds of challenges. That’s the beginning of the success.”

During this week, our citizens from Thailand will return to their mother country and it’s something we must be proud of that they rely on us. We will try our best to welcome them with healthcare plans and we want them to feel like it’s safe to be home, she added.


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