Good news for iOS users — Apple has added Myanmar as a region in the App Store. Better or not, for those who wants to create an Apple ID account will no longer have to look for the US addresses or phone numbers like before. You can now add your own address and create your Apple ID account by choosing Myanmar region in the App Store.

As far as it has been tested, it offers many different applications including regional apps that we normally use from US Store although JOOX, Spotify, Netflix, etc are not available for now. Hopefully, those apps will become available if the app developers expand more regions in their server.

For payment, the US Store iTunes Gift Card are not redeemable in the Myanmar stores. There will probably be separate iTunes Gift Cards for Myanmar region later. For now, we can make payments with Visa/Master (Prepaid/Credit) cards since the app store is now accepting Myanmar banks and cards.

For those who use Visa/Master Prepaid cards, the transaction will be made with US currency. However, for Visa/Master credit cards, one thing you need to bear in mind is that the transaction is not the same as before — the transaction fees of respective banks will be 3% more than the exchange rate of the bank.

Overall. if you want to change your US region to Myanmar, it will not work either if you have the remaining balance amount in your Apple ID or you’ve made a single subscription. You will only be able to change once there is no more credits. For those will be creating new Apple ID account with Myanmar region, you can click ‘None’ button if you are not making any payment for the moment. Enjoy Free apps now!


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