Since the COVID-19 pandemic has struck the whole world, it is best for everyone to stay indoors and bring the introverted selves of ours. So, it is time to figure out what to do during our time at home. As an introvert, this is a guide with some of our suggestions for you to do at home during self-isolation.

1Beauty and Self-care Rituals

Now is the time to focus back on your self-care rituals. Before, we have been busy with work and other stuff which make us forget and miss regular self-care routines. So, here are some of beauty routines you can do with all those extra hours at home.

  1. Get your beauty sleep: It is important to get full eight hours of sleep for both of your physical and mental beauty. 
  2. Try facial masks: Give yourself homemade face mask recipes to upgrade your skin condition to the next level. You can either get inspired from beauty bloggers from YouTube or try your own homemade recipes. It is fun, easy and useful!
  3. Workout: Not only does exercise help you with your weight loss but also it increases your energy level and combats various health conditions and diseases.

2Watch Your Favourite Movies and TV Shows

If you didn’t have enough time to spend time watching movies before, you can now stream your favourite movies and TV shows from various streaming sites such as Netflix, iflix, Amazon Prime, Cookie TV and a lot more. Make a list of your favourites, grab your popcorn and enjoy your movie time! You can see the full list here.

3Organize and Clean Your House

A clean and organized home can make you happier. You can clean your house, organize stuff and bring out the perfectionist in you. Fill your checklist with to-dos such as vacuuming floors, doing the dishes, reorganizing the closet, etc. Cleaning can also help you with stress and anxiety.

4Cook and Bake Your Favourite Recipes

Aren’t home-cooked meals always the best? They can make you become happier, healthier and bring the family closer together. So, cook your favourite recipes, try out new ones and enjoy your quality time with your family. Check out our favourite cooking apps here.

5Virtual Tours

Are you missing the times when you were travelling around the world and exploring the places? You can now take virtual tours to some of the most famous museums around the world. Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with over 2500 museums for people to enjoy virtual tours and online exhibits. Just click this link and you can now travel the world, just from your home.


Knitting, which is also known as crochet, is a great way to spend your free time. If you are already a knitter, you can create new crochet designs and patterns. Or if you know nothing about knitting, do not worry about it. You can find knitting tutorials on YouTube and can easily learn basic steps of knitting. Researches also show that knitting helps you with stress and anxiety so start working on it.

7Read Your Favourite Books

In order to reduce your screen time, reading is another way to spend your time. So, go to the bookshelf, choose your favourite book or something you want to try reading, find the best spot to sit, grab a cup of coffee and you are all set! It definitely will be a paradise, forgetting about your work, stress and many other things that can distract you.


With all of these heartbreaking issues happening globally, it may be stressful and overwhelming so it is important to take care of yourself. In order to do so, one of the most important things you can do at home is meditation. So, just simply start the process by finding a comfortable spot and get ready to relax. 


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