This is a guide for those who are wondering where to get a Face mask and hand sanitizers in Yangon. These shops provide 3 ply masks and local hand sanitizers as many as you want. We aslo added how to make your own DIY Face Mask with instructions below. Check them out!

Face Mask

1MMD Collections

This clothing shop produces its own 2-layer face masks, with non-woven fabric inside and cotton on the outside. Their reusable cloth masks can be hand-washed or with the gentle cycle in the machine. There are 2 sizes available- medium and large at the price of 4000 Ks for 3 pieces and 6000 for 6 pieces. Order from its Facebook page and pay via mobile banking accounts to reduce the transmission of the virus from banknotes.

Facebook: mmdcollections
Tel: 09 751 117 700


ChuChu makes its own masks by following WHO’s recommendations by sewing 3 layers of reusable cotton masks and sanitising with antiseptic solutions. You just need to pay 5000 Ks for the minimum order of 20 masks and it will be delivered to your doorstep. And another great thing about this is that ChuChu donates one mask to quarantine places and hospitals for every mask you buy. It has also shared the process of making your own mask.

Facebook: ChuChuYangon
Tel: 09 792 582 795

3Spring Corner

This urban farm is also helping people stay safe by selling face masks and thermometers. You can get both 3 ply face masks and KN95 masks there. Drop a message on its Facebook page or call its number to order and it will deliver to your home.

Facebook: pringcornermyanmar
Tel: 09 794 123 456

4Z&Z Collection

Another place where you can get 3 ply masks for your safety. The products are priced at 17500 Ks for a box which includes 50 pieces.

Facebook: Z&Z Collection
Tel: 09 450 023 920, 09 692 282 645

ChuChu has also gave out a guide to how to make your own DIY Face Mask below. Watch the Youtube video for more perspectives.

Hand Sanitizers


You can get Max Protect hand sanitizers from this shop- 2500 ks for 100 ml bottle and 5000 Ks for 500 ml bottle. It offers delivery service to your home so leave a message or call its number to order some in order to protect yourself.

Facebook: ZAYY2020

Tel: 09 692 255 513, 09 755 597 613

6ABC & One Stop Marts

ABC store has launched its own hand sanitizers and it’s distributed to every ABC outlets in Yangon area. Price for 100 ML is 1,000 Kyats and bigger option is available with 3,000 Kyats. Another local hand sanitizer brand Godzilla is also available at every One Stop Mart in Yangon with the price of 5,000 Kyats for 500 ML and it’s it ready to use.

You can also get hand sanitizers and hand gels from below online shopping sites. Visit their websites and have them delivered to your home.

  4. City Mall


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