Dr. Sai Aom Kham is a dentist with a dream. He envisions Myanmar as the next dental tourism destination in Asia. Myanmore talks with him about the potential of the local dental industry.

1Let us know what you do as a dentist first.

I’m the founder and CEO of the Aung Mingalar Dental Clinic Group. In my early days, I practised general dentistry and performed mostly basic dental work. But later, I have focused more on aesthetic dentistry, utilising mainly invisalign treatments and dental veneers. My interest in aesthetic dentistry is motivated by seeing how a healthy and beautiful smile can change a patient’s life positively. Therefore, my patients commonly know me as a smile designer because I basically create new smiles for them. 

2How does your clinic stand out?

Our clinics offer all basic dental procedures as well as orthodontic treatment, implants and other aesthetic treatments. My clinic is popular among patients especially for implants and veneers. We also do the invisalign treatment which is realigning the teeth without using braces. If the patients want to see the outcome before the procedure begins, we can show it through digital simulation. 

We use panoramic X-ray in all our three clinics to ensure the right diagnosis for every patient. The consultation fee is US$10. But if you receive any of our treatments, it will be free of charge. We run our clinics with 17 dentists and specialists. We have a treatment room for children, a comfortable and quiet waiting room and a spacious parking lot at the Grand Aung Mingalar Clinic. 

If you are afraid of getting hypersensitive or anxious during the cleansing treatment, our clinics have EMS airflow which is painless and reliable for patients with dental fears. Moreover, our clinics have 3D intraoral scanners that can give a more precise model for your teeth. 

In sterilisation, we use Class B autoclave which can kill all the bacteria and spores. Our staff carefully clean the instruments and immerse them in the antiseptic chemicals before putting them into autoclaves. Safety is our first priority.

3Cosmetic dentistry has grown popular. What should one know before receiving an aesthetic treatment?

I’ve seen some people receive whitening treatments frequently in a year. It will only result in hypersensitivity and gingivitis. Another thing is fake veneers using acrylic. If it is not done by professional dentists, it can cause food traps and gingivitis and finally tooth decay.

Ortho treatment, it’s quite popular these days. You will need much effort in dental hygiene to do it. The food tends to get trapped between the teeth and the braces, so you’ll be more prone to gingivitis and tooth decay. Moreover, women shouldn’t receive ortho treatment during pregnancy. Hormone changes can stimulate gingivitis.

Braces are for under-40s. Middle-aged people have poorer gums and dental bones. We have to use force to move the teeth. If the bone is weak, the tooth will fall out. The ideal age for ortho treatment is between 8 and 12 years. The jaw bone is easy to modify in the growing period. 

The important note here is not to use one-size-fits-all braces you find online. Orthodontic treatments need precise measurements of teeth since people have different jaw sizes.

4What are the bad things people do to their teeth without realising?

Many people brush their teeth with whitening toothpaste which has more abrasive ingredients than normal toothpaste. Brushing the teeth with whitening toothpaste using excessive force can erode the enamel on the teeth. This practice can lead to hypersensitivity. Use the toothpaste and brushing methods your dentist recommends. 


5What else do you want to say about dentistry? Any advice for students and young professionals?

I would not be where I am today without a constant study. Dentistry is improved by doctors sharing dental health knowledge with the public. It’s our duty as professionals to provide the patients with better and more cost-efficient solutions using safe methods and advanced technology. 

6Let’s talk about dental tourism. You are really excited about it, right?

Myanmar’s potential to become Asia’s next dental tourism hub is really exciting. Currently, Thailand and Vietnam have similar markets. So, I thought why not Myanmar. 

In most countries, dental procedures are very expensive. Say, an implant costs generally around US$3,000 in Singapore. We can do it here at just $1,000 and the quality is the same. So, do the math. Instead of spending $3,000 alone on an implant, spend it on visiting Myanmar while also receiving the treatment.

We have been cooperating with Ibis Hotel in Yangon and hotels in Bagan. We’re also looking for partnering with tour agencies. This can also earn tourist revenue for our country and develop the tourism industry.

Visit thegranddental.com for more information.

Dr. Sai Aom Kham
B.D.S, (YGN), Invisalign Certified Provider
F.I.C.D. (USA), Clinical Trainer at Shofu


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