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5 Handy Apps That Will Make You Feel Like A MasterChef

If cooking is your hobby that satisfies your tummy and soul, it’s a good way to enhance your mastery. Being locked down at our houses, we don’t have many options to go to the restaurant or order the delivery services for our food. Today, everyone can cook and thus comes the part of cooking. Here, these 5 handy apps will help you improve your cooking skills and make you feel like a MasterChef once the quarantine time is over. Have some confidence and try ‘em out!

Developed in the UK, whether you’re looking for easy-peasy recipes, healthy or budget meals or whatever makes the most of cheap ingredients, BBC Good Food should be in your mobile phone then. It has a huge collection of recipes proffered by users worldwide altogether with BBC’s originals conspired by world’s famous chefs. Everything from brunch and dinner to vegan and steaks, pancakes and even baking, the app has a massive pile-up of categories to explore. Save your favourite recipes and make your own collections, refer to other users through BBC Good Food.

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2 Tasty

Colorful and useful, Tasty comes with more than 4,000 recipes which are categorized in special occasions such as (weeknight, barbeque,etc), cuisines (Italy, French, Thai, etc), dietary (gluten-free, low-carb), vegan, difficulty and more. Each has its own ingredients list and a step-by-step instruction with a video to accompany you through the whole procedure. Save your favourite recipes, use auto-hide feature for meats if you’re a vegan and so much more to go into with Tasty app. 

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This is my favourite one! BigOven features more than 500,000+ recipes inside the app with many different features to keep up your cooking skills. Use the “My Recipe” feature to add your own ingredients to the collection, and “Groceries” as a list of your favorite groceries and upload as photos on the app. The “Use Up Leftovers” feature helps you with great suggestions for meals that you can make by using what’s left in your fridge. The app also features “Meal Plan” for your recipes across longer periods which you can try for free for 30 days. Overall, BigOven is free to download in both Appstore and Google Playstore.

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SideChef is not just your traditional cooking app for finding recipes. It comes with your personalized recipes for your diet and taste, as well as weekly meal ideas led by cooking experts. Once you sign up, you can choose your own plans and meals right inside the app and it’d take only a few minutes to complete. Another function that SideChef has is a built-in shopping list that will remind you of everything you need to buy at the grocery store if you have a meal plan. Their “How To” videos are very popular on Youtube.

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With a huge number of users of more than 30 millions, Allrecipes which was established in 1997, has tons of recipes that are posted by the members and categorized into various sections and scales. Browse recipes by filters or set your suggestion for any occasion within the app. Each recipe is followed by a step-by-step video to accompany you into details. Rate your own recipes or refer it to other users to learn more about it. Or even suggest tips on how to make them better and tastier. Be a part of the global community of cooking enthusiasts. 

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