EilliE started her music career in late 2018 when she was 18. The girl has already become a favourite rapper for the local rap music industry.With her powerful rapping skills and distinctive fashion style, she talked about her passion for music and balance between life and career.

EilliE, with the given name of Eaint Thet Hmu, joined BG18 Record Label in 2018. It all started at the 2018 Invasion Music Festival. “I was hanging out with my friends and also a bit drunk at that time.” she laughed.

“As we were chatting, my friends asked me to rap a verse so I told them I’d only do it if they do not upload the video on social media. Then, I rapped the verses from Gucci Gang and Migos’ Bad and Boujee.” However, her friends who have always loved her rapping skills posted the video on Facebook and the CEO of BG18 saw it and offered her to work together with them. And eventually, she became a female rap star with her hit singles. 

Just after she joined BG18, EilliE released Just Friend, a collaboration song with Yung Hugo, one of her fellow artists from BG18. The song became a hit among young people which made them recognize her as EilliE. Her popularity started to grow as soon as the song had been released and she was invited to perform at many local concerts.

EilliE then released her first solo song, Introduction, which also captured the attention of the audience. And there are two other collaborations with her fellow artists from BG18- Myoz Taw Thu and Trust which are due to be released soon.

This energetic rapper has been passionate about singing and listening to music since she was young. “My brother used to play a lot of songs at home when we were young and I’ve been familiar with every music genre since then. My favourite singers are Chris Brown, Drake and Tyga.”

EilliE listened to pop singer Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein’s songs in her college life. “I sometimes want to try singing songs like hers if I have to choose another genre, other than hip hop.” 

EilliE admitted that she doesn’t really know how to write songs. She has been singing the songs that others have written for her till now. “But I really want to write and sing my own songs so yeah, I’m going to try it in the future.”

As soon as people started recognizing her, EilliE faced a lot of cyberbullying on Facebook. 

“People would judge my body and write negative comments on Facebook. Some people say that I’m trying too hard to be like Cardi B. But I don’t really care about those criticisms. I try to neglect them and focus on what I want to do. I know that everyone won’t love me so I’ll keep doing what I love and what I’m passionate about.” 

“Music makes me happy. I just feel so excited whenever I get to sing songs.” However, the girl does not only rap. She also spares some time for her job as an accountant at her agency, BG18.

For now, she is working on a new solo song which is still in progress.

EilliE’s love and passion for music has made her become who she is today. It hasn’t been so long that she has entered the industry yet she has strived a lot to chase her dream to be a good rapper and there is no doubt that she will be continuously trying to approve what she is capable of.

Check out her single “Introduction” below and follow EilliE on Facebook @eilliebg18.


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