Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people are now working from home and it can be a bit boring to just stay at home for many days. Here is the guide to eBooks and audiobooks that you can use for free so let’s overcome this pandemic together by using our time usefully with these eBooks and audiobooks.

Wun Zinn

Wun Zinn is the mostly used one among eBooks. When we tried to use Wun Zinn Comic App, it showed an error as “A system issue occurred”. However, the usual application is still useful by logging in with your Facebook account or creating your own account.

There are a lot of free books inside but there aren’t that many books that we truly prefer. However, there are a lot of great short novels that you can borrow and we would recommend “Kyanaw Sat Ywae Yay Chin Thaw Wit Htu Myar” by author Mya Than Tint. In the novel, Sayar Mya created the plot of the story as the conversations between the author and the characters such as May and Myat Lay Shwe dar Bo or some events the characters encountered after the end of the novel. Moreover, author Journal Kyaw Mama Lay, short novels of Ma Sandar and the translation works of O. Henry by author Mg Tun Thu can be great companions for you during these times. The fees are 315 Ks for 1 week and 840 ks for 2 weeks. If you have already borrowed 4 novels or 2 comics, you can delete those old ones and borrow new ones. All of the books that you have borrowed or bought can only be read with the app.

Under the Sale Tab, you can also find audiobooks of author Mya, author Thu Maung, author Chit Naing (Psychology) and author Ma Sandar, which are worth listening to for free.

Shwe Nar Sin

For audiobooks, we would also recommend Shwe Nar Sin by MPT. It offers only audiobook service so there are a lot more options for you. The charges will be 99 Ks per day and can be used only by MPT SIMs.

One of the spokesperson for Wun Zinn also stated that they are planning to offer free eBooks of over 200 books including the novels of author Dagon Shwe Myar, author Min Thein Kha and author Ni Ko Ye, and it will be eligible till 30th April 2020. Wun Zinn is also planning to provide free audiobooks from ShweNarSin app, in coordination with ShweNarSin. Therefore, let’s wait and see how we can make a good use of those free eBooks and audiobooks.

If you can give some time on YouTube, you can also find audiobooks of Mya Yae La, Yay Myaw Thee and Ayeyarwady Pone Pyin by author Juu, which are narrated by famous celebrities such as Htoo Eain Thin, Hay Mar Nay Win and Ye Deight.

Ps: You can also download free PDF files from the Facebook page of NDSP Books.

Amazon’s Audible

Audible is the one where you can listen to some of Amazon’s online audiobooks for free. You can start listening to those in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese by clicking the “Start Listening”  button on the page after opening the link, without having to create your own account.

Among the categories, Littlest  Listener and Elementary include stories for kids in Kindergarten and Tween includes adventure books and detective novels. You can find books like Hollow City and Library of Souls books from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children book series under Teen category.

You can listen to classic literature such as Moby Dick and The Call of the Wild in Literary Classics and Folk & Fairy Tales for All will be favourite folktales for everyone.

Neil Gaimen

You might have heard Sandman and Good Omens by British Author Neil Gaimen, even if you haven’t read those before. You can now read his short novels and essays for free on the website. 

For short novels, we would recommend How to Talk to Girls at Parties, which was nominated for Hugo Award and The Return of the Thin Whote Duke, which was written about musician David Bowie as the main character. 

On his MouseCircus website, audiobooks such as Graveyard and Coraline which are narrated by Gaiman, his friends and some other authors.

Educational books and books in public domain that you can download

Project Gutenberg is our favourite website, with over 60,000 books inside. This website only offers books whose copyright licenses are already expired so that every book can be officially downloaded for free. You can find eBooks in the Open Library and audiobooks in LibriVox. 

Tip: If you download epub format and eBooks, you can read those with a Google app called Pocketbook on your smartphone and with a portable software called SumatraPDF on your computer.


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