Being the first Middle Eastern themed bar in Yangon, The Bar BurDubai – Inya Rd, winner of Best Myanmar Premium Outlet of the year 2019, has received a lot of attention and love from people in Yangon since it first opened.

After settling in a small lane on Inya Road for over 3 years, The Bar BurDubai is permanently closed now due to various reasons. But not to be emotional about it – Theatre2 by BurDubai has opened in 2019 and they are preparing for one more round.

The new BurDubai will be decorated in Turkish style with a little fusion of Arabic vibe and it is expected to include HiSo Heaven, a small shisha lounge, in the container box.

The creator of BurDubai, Thit Min Swe, said that in order for a bar or a restaurant to survive long and to be successful in the F&B industry, it all depends on the passion of the founder and excessive creation for the place. “I can see a lot of bars and restaurants in Yangon these days and of course, there are quite a lot of competitors. I learn from them. I also ask other experienced people in the industry and plan how to upgrade my business from what I learnt.

The new place will be located in the crowded downtown area, opposite of Rosewood Hotel and it is expected to open at the end March 2020.

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