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Myanmar halts travels from 7 countries due to COVID-19

On 15 March 2020, the Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar has announced that the government will quarantine or turn away travellers from China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Germany, France and Spain which are on top chart of the global pandemic cause – COVID-19.

From Italy to New York, the death toll rose above 4,000 last week and Italy has become the second largest number of deaths as the country attempted a nationwide lockdown last weekend.

Thus, the government has made an announcement to quarantine or turn away tourists from those countries mentioned above adding that the list will be appended accordingly.

“Last weekend, tourists from Europe landed at Yangon International Airport but refused to be quarantined and chose not to stay in the country according to the tour company that arranged the tour”, said Myanmar Times.

In Myanmar, official authorities had declared that there is no COVID-19 positive as of now. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Sports has given a statement that 130 citizens from Yangon region, Shan state, Mandalay region and others are under quarantine which included 2 suspected patients.

Therefore, citizens are advised not to panic on false rumors of the disease, to follow the rules and information disclaimed by the Ministry of Health and Sports and to report to nearest healthcare centers if COVID-19 suspected patients are found.



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