Bistropedia – a 3-storied restaurant inside a modern colonial building – which just opened a few weeks ago has got plenty of good reviews for its hospitality, delicious food and cozy atmosphere. We were wondering if it’s worth giving a try – so we did last weekend! 

Located on the side of Baho Road in busy Sanchaung township, the red colonial style building quite stands out among the small houses and shops around. With a bunch of small tables lying on the patio, we were welcomed by a hostess with a friendly smile, leading us to a small table next to the window on the 1st floor.

The menu includes a wide range of options from breakfast to dessert. Burmese food such as Mohinga, Shan Noodles, Coconut Noodles, Bistropedia’s signature breakfast, Chicken Paratha and so on are found in the breakfast page of the menu. The rest – most of the appetizers and main courses – are Asian and European fusion food, with a wide range of salads, soups and curries.

We ordered Pork N Roll for the appetizer- eggplant rolled with thin slices of pork neck and served with infused chilli garlic sauce. This will be a good choice if you are a fan of chilli since there are a bit of sliced spicy chilli inside. The tenderness of pork neck and the sweetness of eggplant put inside makes a perfect combination for an appetizer. However, 4,500 Ks is a bit expensive for the small portion with 5 pieces. 

Then we tried Trio Sausage (6,500 Ks), a sausage platter including spicy pork and chicken sausages mixed with Kayah sausages. Made with minimal oil, the different tastes of sausages are served with spicy Mayo sauce, which will make a good pairing with a glass of red wine.

The last one is Seafood and Yellow Rice Casserole (5,500 Ks) in which yellowish Shwebo rice is cooked with butter fish, shrimps, cuttlefish blended in duo of capsicum and baby corns. It actually is a value for money for its big portion of rice and a very generous amount of seafood and vegetables. The yellow rice from Shwebo, which is famous for its soft texture in Sagaing region and the spicy and sour taste of the paste makes the casserole more tasty.

For dessert, we ordered Passionfruit Mousse with Jaggery Sauce (4,500 Ks). Bistropedia has made the concept of seasonal fruit platter less boring with the addition of hand picked passionfruit pulp mousse with jaggery sauce on the side for sweet tooths.The sauce goes together with both fruits and the mousse, making it a ideal dessert to have after having heavy a meal with rich taste. 

In the drinks section, the list covers healthy juices, mocktails, tea and coffee. There is also a coconut specialities page where different flavours are infused with coconut juice such as strawberry, ginger, lychee and furthermore. Shisha is also available with 6 different flavours at a reasonable price.

Moreover, there is a mini sport space on the 1st floor, where you can see a foosball table, dartboards, air-hockey and other games to relax which will bring your dining-out experience to next level.

Conclusively, Bistropedia is not something different from other restaurants yet its unique presentation of fusion dishes and beverages make it somewhat interesting to hangout with friends and family.

Address: No. 77-79, Baho Road, Thiri Kaymar Ward, Sanchaung Township, Yangon

Tel: 09 443 355 773

Hours: 7am – 11pm


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