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Rangoon Rhythm: Phyo Pyae Sone

“I went to medical school since it’s my folks’ demand for me. But I’ve decided to be a musician as my professional career so I think I’ll be spending the rest of my life singing songs and making music.” said Phyo Pyae Sone, the winner of 2010 Melody World vocal contest who is now one of the most successful vocalists in Myanmar. The songster of Mhyaw Naing Tha Mya, which became a major hit song in Myanmar, talked about his life, career and perception of music.

Phyo Pyae Sone did not realize that he had been interested in music until he auditioned in Melody World in 2010 to test his musical talent. Living with uncles and aunts, he used to listen to the songs of singer Sai Htee Saing, May Sweet and Haymar Nay Win while doing chores at home at a young age. “You remember those 30-second commercials on TV? I knew the songs of all those commercials by heart.” he laughs.

Phyo Pyae Sone did not have any prior experience in singing before entering the contest since he was busy with the school. However, he joined a vocal training course by Sayar U Saw Nu for 3 months during the audition period and it somehow helped him understand the concept and theories of singing. The audition also gave him a chance to extend his community in the entertainment world since he got a chance to meet famous judges through the audition such as singer Nwet Yin Win, composer Myint Moe Aung and many more.

“Being part of Melody World was a great experience for me but I also had to face a lot of difficulties during the audition.” About 5 months before auditioning the 2nd level of the contest, his mom suddenly passed away which was such an unexpected turn of events for him. However, he decided to do it till the end with the support and encouragement of his relatives.

Despite those unfortunate events, he somehow became 1st runner up with the song “Mae Lite Kya Ma Lar”  by Zaw Paing then moved to 3rd level with “A Thel Yat Sat Tal”  by Tu Tu and eventually, he became the winner of 2010 Melody World. Then after 5 years, he released his very first album “Mhyaw Naing Tha Mya” , which made people recognize him as Phyo Pyae Sone.


He mostly listens to pop music so he prefers singing pop songs. “I also like fusion music like pop rock or electro pop. My favourite artist is Tin Zar Maw. I’m always amazed by her talent. I feel like we have the same singing style and most of my songs are inspired by her music.” Among international artists, he listens to Celine Dion, Beyonce and Mariah Carey and finds inspiration from their work.

“Whenever I record a song, I release it only if I’m 100 percent satisfied with it. I prefer recording more than lives because I get the chance to prepare or edit or do whatever I want with it before releasing. But I also love to perform on stage. I love it when the audience sings along with me and have fun together with me during the performance.” The singer mentioned that those moments can make him forget all of his problems and focus on the present.

Phyo Pyae Sone rarely writes his own songs and he admitted that he doesn’t have talent in writing lyrics. He has written about 5 songs on his own but he still doesn’t have enough confidence to show them to the public. He just sings what others have written and lately, he’s been working together with composer Wai Gyi. “He’s a great lad. The songs he writes for me make me feel something special and I think they match me the best.” Among the songs that he has sung throughout his career, La Yate is his favourite one.

Being a vocalist sounds fun but it actually is not an easy job. The most important thing in every vocalist’s career is the voice since they make a living using it. Phyo Pyae Sone admitted that he doesn’t really take care of his voice and doesn’t do warming up exercises for his vocal stamina. “I recently had to go to Bangkok to check my throat and it turned out that I have throat allergy. But it’s getting better now and I’m trying to learn how to take care of my voice from my fellow vocalists.”

Besides singing, the famous singer likes cooking and loves to share the food he made with his loved ones. He also loves making handicrafts – “I don’t know much about handicrafts but I have been interested in it for so long and will definitely try making them one day.”  he said.

Phyo Pyae Sone has got a lot of plans and activities for 2020. His 2nd solo album that he has been preparing for 3 years, together with the famous Iron Cross band, will be out and he will release a cover song for Thingyan festival plus a duet album with singer Jewel, in which a song that he wrote with the help of composer Wai Gyi will be included.

“Music plays a very, very important role in my life. I’ve already chosen this path as my professional career so I’ll make my fans proud and think of what I can do to make more progress in my music journey.” said the talented musician who undoubtedly has determined to continue singing songs as much as he can.

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