Kyaw Shine Myint, the founder of The Shine Society, is one of the most successful fashion and lifestyle influencers in Myanmar. Writing blogs and sharing luxury fashion and beauty brands to his followers as a main career, Shine has been interested in those since he was young and has always wanted to share his knowledge and passion about  luxury skincare products, perfumes and fashion tips through this blog since April 2018. More contrarily, he talked about his blog and his perception of fashion.

Can you tell me about your background? 

As a dental student, I never thought of being a Fashion Blogger but I learnt it informally through all those years since I have so much passion about it. Then I made my own blog at the age of 24 and I started The Shine Society.

What inspired you to share your knowledge in lifestyle, fashion and beauty to other people ? 

Well, my inspiration are my friends. I used to share these things with them and they encouraged me to make this blog.

Since when did you become interested in what you are doing right now? 

Ever since I was in high school, I cared about what I wear and what people wear. And I still do now.

How and when did you plan to start The Shine Society ? 

It’s not really a well-planned thing. I was asked to write for a blog with others. Then I started my own in 2018.

Since when did your fans start recognizing you as The Shine Society? 

I have been sharing these things among my friends on social media for a long time before I established The Shine Society. It is my hobby to share what I like, such as clothing brands, skincares and more. There are many friends who ask me for advice about these things. First they knew me as Shine then The Shine Society.

Why is it called ‘The Shine Society’? 

The reason I chose “The Shine Society” is that I wanted to create an atmosphere – a society with the same interest among people – and I put my nickname “Shine” in the front which is called by my friends.

What is your most satisfying review by yourself ? 

I always do my best for my blog. It’s hard to choose one particular review that I am most satisfied with but whenever I contemplate my old reviews it sometimes sparks a feeling that I should have done better for those.

Do you have any inspiration or idols , both locally and internationally?

I would rather learn from everyone than look up to a particular person. I believe that life is better to face success or failure of my own than to live under someone’s shadow.

What is your perception of fashion and beauty? 

Beauty is one of the important appearances of our lives and it needs to be considered as a living privilege. Fashion is one of your personalities and it’s worth caring.

How do you feel when you get feedback from your fans and how do you handle the criticisms? 

Doing this blog is a win-win thing because I enjoy it and the audience like it as it saves their time which is what I love most about it. And I like criticisms ,which no one cannot avoid, because they always make me see things from different aspects. But I just neglect those negative comments.

Do you have any struggles or difficulties during your career as a fashion blogger ? 

Most people in our country are not actually used to this blogging and online publishing as our doors were just being opened. Fashion will not be their prior thing. So I have to take account of these struggles ahead.

Is your family supportive of your choice ? 

Not really. They wanted me to lead the family business which has been running for over sixty years as an heirloom.

What is the best thing about being a fashion and lifestyle blogger? 

There’s no such thing as the best thing. I’m just doing what I love to do.

What do you think made you become who you are today?

Who am I? Well, I am still asking the same question to myself everyday.

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