If you haven’t registered your SIM cards with your own IDs, now is the time to do so. Ministry of Transport and Communications, Myanmar have proclaimed about the registration of SIM cards as follows:

As Mobile Financial Services using mobile phones have been developed, the Ministry of Transport and Communications proclaimed the Code of Practice for Mobile Service User Registration in 2014 and instructed mobile phone operators several times for proper registration, in order to safely carry out those matters, to reduce crimes using unregistered SIM cards on communication networks and to encourage mobile phone users to be responsible for the consequences with the usage of mobile phones.

However, because of the weakness of mobile phone operators and stores, there have been announcements via press, newspapers and media for proper registration and they have given 11 months from August 2016 to June 2017 to do so. Around 6.5 million SIM cards which were not registered till 30th June 2017 were deactivated. At that time, since there was no limitation of how many times a NRC(National Register of Citizens) or licensed card can be registered in the registration of SIM cards, some mobile phone stores registered and sold several SIM cards using just one NRC and some users bought registered SIM cards with one NRC and resold them. Because of such actions, some SIM card users could not register with correct information. Therefore, the ministry announced that only 2 SIM cards can be registered using just one NRC or licensed card starting from April 2019, there are about 28.2 million SIM cards that are registered using more than 2 SIM cards- 12.95 million MPT SIM cards, 4.6 million MyTel SIM cards, 4.6 million Ooredoo SIM cards and 6.05 million Telenor SIM cards till 31st January 2020.

Users will need to check whether their own SIM cards are registered with correct information details or not using the procedures of respective mobile operators and if the registration is not correct, the users will need to re-register at the online service of respective mobile operators and at mobile stores, not later than 30th June 2020.

Mobile operators will also support the re-registration of SIM card users. SIM cards registered with more than 2 cards or those with wrong information details will be only allowed for the inquiry to Call Center after 30th April 2020 and will be deactivated after 30th June 2020.

Therefore, users should register their SIM cards properly and should not buy pre-registered SIM cards that are being sold in the market, in order for their own SIM cards to not be deactivated.

Registration of MPT SIM cards

-Original NRC, Original Student ID and Original Driver’s License are needed
-http:/bit.ly/mptregonline for online registration and MPT4U Application

Registration of Ooredoo Myanmar SIM cards

-Original NRC, Original Student ID and Original Driver’s License are needed

Registration of Telenor Myanmar SIM cards

-Original NRC, Original Student ID and Original Driver’s License are needed
http://bit.ly/telenorecaf and My Telenor Application

Registration of MytelMyanmar SIM cards

-Registration is only available at MyTel SIM stores and MyTel Showrooms


  1. My MPT Sim card was found registered wrongly in the name of ZIN MAR TUN NRC 8/ namana (n) 050492. I bought the sim card by myself and gave my true name U HLA MIN NRC 12/ Kamata (n) 020657. Please correct the registration

  2. I am a Agronomist and retired Farm Manager from Myanmar Agriculture Service (now under MOAI). I am wandering over the country to advise farmers and growers. I just found that I have to confirm registration of the sim card used in my hand phone and found the errors in registration. I request you to correct it. I am living at the following address ; NO. I-3, Thazin 3 street, FMI City, Hlaing Thar Yar, Yangon. You can ring me to 09 404838871 and 09 774750639. Thanks.


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