Established by a group of passionate entrepreneurs from the Tourism Industry, the Hpaan & Zwekapin Valley Resort & Spa is one of the newest additions to Hpa-An and its magnificent karst landscapes. 

The Hpaan & Zwekapin Valley Resort & Spa is located a few minutes drive outside of Hpa An, the capital of Karen State (Kayin Region), a picturesque town that sits on the eastern bank of the Thanlwin river, 270 kilometres east of Yangon, and a six-hour drive from downtown Yangon. The area of Hpa An is different from most other parts of Myanmar with its laid back atmosphere, streams, caves, and other characteristic features that belong to a karst landscape. Kayin region has great potential for tourism and new investments help to drive the region forward.

The Hpa-An & Zwekapin Valley Resort & Spa is a small resort that aims to do what it can to contribute. Established by several entrepreneurs from the tourism industry it is a realisation of their visions. Over 90% of its associates are locals from Kayin State, and most of the ingredients in the kitchen are local products from Hpa-An. The design of the resort was made to minimize the usage of electricity in the whole property and even the resort was designed within the rubber forest without cutting trees and every effort is made to contribute to local community and environment within our little capacity.

The resort sits just by the foot of Mount Zwegabin itself, towering up in front of you it offers stunning views when the sun rises and settles. The hotel had its soft opening in November 2019 with 40 rooms, restaurant, bar and Pool. Now it also hosts a Spa and a Rain Tree Bar. 

The resort is a work of detail and passion. From the reception to the rooms, there are beautiful woodworks and decorations. The reception is covered overhead but has no walls, surrounded by rubber trees. Arriving to check in you immediately calm down and enjoy the closeness to nature. The restaurant was at the time of the visit, when it had just opened, limited in its offering, but improvements were on the way. Sitting outdoor you can glance upon Mount Zwegabin.

The resort consist of two-story buildings, each room with a balcony, positioned around an open area with a swimming pool. The rooms are modern, well designed with beautiful details and a good bed. All meeting your expectations of a quality resort. 

When in Hpa-An, take the chance to visit Mount Zwegabin and its surrounding caves and sights with support from the helpful reception, or just relax at the resort and enjoy the nature.


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