Surbung airport in Falam township is set to be opened in June 2020.

The very first airport project in Chin State was started in 2015 and it is established in the center of the state to make it easy to travel to other parts of the region. 

Located in the western part of Myanmar, Chin State is home to the famous heart-shaped Rih Lake, Nat Ma Taung and many more. Due to its highland landscape, it is difficult for both locals and tourists to get accessible transportation to Chin State. As road transport is the only transportation in Chin State to connect to other regions, only local businesses can be operated and there is no foreign investment in the region so far.

This new airport will have a 6000-foot long and 100-foot wide tarred runway to handle the takeoffs and touchdown of ART-72 aircrafts. A tarred taxiway and a 250-foot by 250-foot apron will be added to this project which also involves the 156-foot by 84-foot terminal, the air control tower and other related buildings.  

It is set to be opened in June and the whole project has finished 75% of the construction now. The opening of Surbung Airport can help Chin State get better transportation and communication and the economy and tourism sector of the state can be expected to receive better recognition from foreign investors.

Photo credit: Mingalapar Facebook.

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