“Shae Sat Yan Ma Shi”, a single by a very young female artist was ranked #1 on JOOX Myanmar music chart and it can be heard humming by a lot of teenage girls today. Of course Myanmar has a lot of new faces in the music industry within these past years and it has been growing fast into global audiences through international music apps like Soundclouds, JOOX, Spotify, etc. Hsu Myat Lin Naing meets Htet Thiri, a girl behind this top hit single and talks about inspiration and love for her music.

Despite her sweet angelic voice, Htet Thiri has never thought she’d hopped into her music career as a professional musician at first. The 17 years old wanted to be an actress after accompanying her grandfather U Zaw One to his shooting sets, who was a famous actor in the last decades. The greatest actor has also featured her in some films and commercials but her passion to become an actress slowly faded away when her mother opposed it, claiming that it is a very tiring and stressful job. 

However, she is no stranger to music as her mom used to sing a lot when she was young. Htet Thiri somehow inherited her mother’s genes and she started to realize her interest and enthusiasm for music when she was in grade 8. Once she had finished her matriculation exam, she sang cover songs of her favourite tracks and posted short clips on Facebook, which paved the way for the young girl to get on the road of success.

In 2018, one of her friends at Litt (Life is True Treasure) Entertainment asked her to join the agency. She made a cover song of Singer Lay Phyu’s “Khayee A Sone Hti” and posted it on her page. And that’s how Htet Thiri was born. She admitted.

Then, I asked her about JOOX’s Top Hits No.1 songShae Sat Yan Ma Shi”. 

“I’ve been singing cover songs and I haven’t done any of my own songs since I joined the agency. But then, Zig, one of my fellow artists from Litt, showed me a song that he wrote for me and asked me if I wanted to sing it. I find the song relaxing and I think it’d go well with my soft voice so I decided to give it a try”, Htet Thiri replies.

Inspired by her grandfather as a greatest artist since she was a kid, Htet Thiri used to follow him to his concerts and watched him performing from backstage. Tin Zar Maw is her favorite local musician and she jokes with a smirk that she would like to make a song with BTS (a seven-member South Korean boy band) someday, which is her favourite global artist since thirteen. 

“I feel the happiest whenever I get to grab the mic. Others might enjoy being a musician but for me, I just simply enjoy singing and it makes me feel so happy.” said Htet Thiri with her eyes sparkling with joy and content who has recently finished writing her very first song and it is expected to record in January or February. 

She may also feature in an album with all artists from Litt Ent. and some small commercials. With her passion for music and the inheritance from her grandfather, we can really look forward to how she creates music as the new generation of music industry.

Follow Htet Thiri on Facebook @htetthiriofficial.


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