Yangon is ever-changing. The streets are being transformed with the ebb and flow of traffic. The skyline is being shaped tirelessly by workmen and cranes. As communities hum to the rhythm of economic development, the individual is finding new opportunities, making new paths, and bringing about the changes for a better tomorrow.

With each generation there comes a shift in consciousness. The ethos of the young rarely matches that of the aged. The ideas of the established tend to be far removed from the dreams of the up-and-coming. In a city of constant change, it is not only the people that evolve but also the steel, the glass, and the concrete.

Junction Square sits restlessly in the heart of Kamayut Township, woven into the metropolitan fabric of a bustling urban community. More than a shopping mall, the 305,000 square-foot area is a living, growing community center, hosting gatherings such as the Yangon Hoop Festival and the PUBG Mobile King of the Hill Tournament. Where many shopping centers offer a platform for retail and dining, Junction Square developers Shwe Taung Real Estate want their space to be a platform for life experiences.

Just off Pyay Road, Junction Square is central to a hub of prosperity. With Novotel Yangon Max to its north, Crystal Residences adjacent, and Time City Yangon just across Kyun Taw Road, Junction Square is surrounded by economic development. In order to offer the best of experiences in their competitive landscape, Junction Square is evolving with the community it serves.

“We want to stay ahead of the curve,” explained Vinny Kuah, Head of the Leasing & Marketing Division for Shwe Taung Real Estate, “we have embarked on a series of rejuvenation, of enhancements. We want Junction Square to be more lifestyle and leisure-focused.”

Junction Square is expanding on all fronts. In March they plan on opening the largest indoor playground among all Yangon Shopping Malls, offering families a clean and safe environment where kids can be kids. They are enlarging their food court’s culinary selection with international cuisine to cater to the tastes of a discerning and adventurous public. They are serving the community with a holistic vision of inclusion and diversity.

Gone are the days of shop till you drop; now are the days of living your best life non-stop.

“We have to evolve as the population changes,” said Ms. Kuah, “we want more than just economic development we want to be part of the growth of the people of Yangon.”

Ms. Kuah painted a picture of a small boy who runs wild in Junction Square’s indoor playground growing into a teenager who meets up with his friends for laser tag and a movie. As he ages and his needs mature, Junction Square develops with him. He studies for university in one of their many cafes, takes his girlfriend for some international cuisine at one of their many restaurants, and tells his dad he is going to marry her over drinks at Harry’s Bar.

One day the boy will have become a man and he can expect Junction Square to have grown alongside him. When he has children of his own, he can trust that his home away from home will delight and encourage them as it once inspired him. No matter where he is in life, Junction Square will hold a place in his heart. Shwe Taung Real Estate wants Junction Square to build relationships with the community that last a lifetime.

The need for such relationships is intensifying. Online shopping, food delivery services, and social media grow more pervasive and our space for connecting is becoming increasingly virtual. If we value the face-to-face, the interaction, the real-world bond, then the venues for genuine human connection will need to become multi-faceted, versatile, and engaging.

As the traffic in Yangon grows ever more frustrating, the willingness of the Yangonite to inch across town is dying. Junction Square does its best to make the trip worth their while by nurturing the social spheres that make the word “community” meaningful.

Shwe Taung Real Estate sets the standard with the rejuvenation of Junction Square. They are more than simply shaping the urban landscape; they are shaping life in Yangon.


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