For the first time in the history of Myanmar, a star and a planet are officially named Ayeyarwady and Bagan which are 553 light years away from earth at IAU100 Global Event.

In November 2019, NameExoworlds was held in commemoration of the 100 years anniversary of IAU (International Astronomical Union).

Over 780 000 people from 112 countries have participated in the campaign which both teams from Yangon University Physics Department and MASES organization have participated as representatives from Myanmar. Each country had to name a star and a planet that are currently discovered in space and the approved names were announced at a press conference in Paris on 17 December 2019. The chosen names will be recognized by IAU as official names.

Compared to the sun, the mass of the star Ayeyarwady is a bit bigger than the sun and the size is over 5 times of it. The mass of Bagan, the planet surrounding Ayeyarwady, is a bit bigger than Jupitar and 3.5 times in size. You can see those two inside Eridanus (which means river) constellation if you find them from earth. 

Here are the images from

Planet Bagan (Photo:
Star Ayeyarwady (Photo:


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