It is a sensory delight: rich in taste, lightly perfumed, a feast for the eyes. Yangon Zay brings together the new, the innovative, and the wonderfully charming. Supporting artisans, craftsmen, chefs, and services of master quality, the market feels more like a boutique than a bazaar.

The experience of Yangon Zay is handcrafted and carefully designed. Vendors are vetted, their products are scrutinized, and everything edible is foodie-approved. Nothing is too garish or too loud, not even the music. Yangon Zay is classy.

Credit: Ariel Thuta, Yangon Zay

More than a market, Yangon Zay uses the space of The Tea Factory to create an open, clean, inclusive atmosphere, where families can relax, kids can be kids, and strangers can connect. The lawn is spangled with mats inviting you to lounge and loosen up. The childcare area is alive with active and creative play. The guests are smiling, chatting, and living the best of what Yangon has to offer.

Last Saturday and Sunday, December 14 & 15, Yangon Zay partnered with foodpanda, an international food delivery service, to host “A Pink Christmas.” The two-day event brought out food and drink from entrepreneurs such as Liquid Labs, The Fries Club, Myanmar Meat Club, and Mango. Guests could pick up a little something from BodyBody, AATE, or Sparkle Studios for themselves or as a Christmas gift for a loved one. After a little shopping and a lot of eating guests could vibe to music artists such as DJ Muttiah Ashnim or relax with a live band; there was something for everyone.

Yangon Zay has offered itself as both a platform for the entrepreneurial spirit of Yangon and a gathering place for friends and families since March 2018. From its inception as a market, it has grown into so much more, bringing community creatives together on a bi-weekly basis to share inspiration and concepts.

For more information about Yangon Zay check out their Facebook,, or their Instagram, @yangonzay. They will be introducing more exciting concepts as the season continues and if they pique your interests, stop by and enjoy the mood.


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