Myan San Tech Expo 2019 is an exhibition to explore and spread the technology of Myanmar such as applications and services for users, including the personal and business to the world. Backed by many tech schools and the government is here as a first time, it is named based on the Burmese language Myan San = fast/accurate, to enhance Myanmar’s tech fields.

Han Sak, Founder of My Me My Mine Entertainment, has been working as an organizer and coordinator since 2013 for events such as First Tech & Art training. Since then, he had handled many events such as expos, public funds, corporate occasions, and customer cares for big telecommunication/tech companies such as MPT and telenor.

At this exhibition, there will be open booths from many companies along with seminars, product shows, free trainings and others PR classes to survey your rational needs. Most digital technology companies can be involved to get a great opportunity for both companies and students for recruitments. There will be Banking & Payment Solutions, Schools, Electronics & ITs, Programmings, Smart Devices & Gadgets, Real-estate Services, Online and Digital Marketing, Travel & Tours, Taxi Services, Ticketing, Delivery and E-Book displays that entrepreneurs and students can participate. 

Others such as agriculture technology, Eco system, and entrepreneur projects can also involve in this biggest expo that will be held at Myanmar Culture Valley from 23rd to 26th December, 2019.

During this expo, guests can walk in through the booths and involved in the trainings & seminars. After that you can enjoy product auctions and buy Raffle tickets for the Grand Prize of event ––  an iPhoneX. And of course, it’s Free entry.

Date: 23 – 26 December 2019
Time: 9am – 8pm
Address: People Park, U Wisara Road, Bahan Township, Yangon

Myan San Tech Expo is a PR event between Professional and Customers. Culture.Com will welcome to consumers training every month. See more details on their Facebook


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