The Pansodan Burmese Brasserie has introduced a new breakfast menu on 22nd November.

Set up in a colonial building of former Bank of India, The Pansodan, indeed, has become a darling of diners with its extravagant interiors. Every inch of it – from the chevron marble floor to the gold leaf-capped ceiling with a chandelier in the centre – is a true masterpiece. Thus the wooden tables and cane chairs are put to echo the scene of old-time Burma.

Upon my arrival, I was longing for a morning tea amid the cold breezes of November. French songs on the playlist, my tea has arrived and my eyes were sealed on the menu, divided into four groups – Drinks, Bites, Mains and Desserts.

I ordered Nan Gyi Thoke (Ks 8,800) as if to see it’s really worth to squander the price. Generally, this Mandalay noodle salad is a favorite dish of Myanmar people and it’s commonly known as one of the best breakfast options alike Mohinga. The plate is quite filling, the taste is good and the soup has a genuine taste of chicken bone without the help of MSG. The Pansodan seems to keep things simple as there is only one noodle variety (medium-sized round noodles – a basic). I hope they offer flat noodles (Nan Pyar Thoke in Burmese) as an alternative in the future because customers would love options.

The Bites section is where ingredients from the East and the West meet. You’d find the bao stuffed with blue cheese and Ei Kyar Kway. Locals usually gobble it in sweet tea but here it’s served with custard sauce. Unfortunately, the cheese-stuffed bao wasn’t ready when I ordered. So, I had Potato Samosa (Ks 4,500) and Myanmar Tea (Ks 3,000).

Here, as in a typical tea shop, you can customise the taste of your tea. Say, if you order Pot Kya, the tea will be low in sweetness and stronger than the typical one. If you ask for Pot Seint, you will be enjoying a mild, latte-like brew. If you’re not sure, just say Pon Man which is what you’d call everyone’s cup of tea.

The Samosa came with the wrong sauce. When I asked for the yoghurt and mint sauce mentioned in the menu, the manager quickly apologised and brought it to my table from the kitchen himself. Anyway, this small mishap gave me a chance to try both dips – a chili sauce and a mixture of yoghurt, mint and paprika. The Samosa has a crunchy crest with soft, well-spiced mash potato and peas inside. I guarantee one bite will make you crave for more. The hot chili sauce gives a humble street food flavour but the yoghurt blends it into different taste. So it’s hard for me to decide which is better.

When I talked with the manager, he shared the ideas for more improvements, like putting up customer-demand dishes on boards hanging on the walls as a kind of “Today’s Specials”.

Overall, the food is good and so is the service although you may find the prices expensive. So my point is it’d be great if they’d reconsider the pricing and make more room for budget-friendly options.

Address: 106 Pansodan Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon
Phone: 09 699 658 507
Breakfast hours: 7 am – 11:30 am  

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