Rangoon Tea House Group has been playing its cards in Yangon’s F&B game for a long time. One of its ventures, Buthee was placed in the Bogalayzay Street sandwiched together with Mr. Wok. It is renovated for a new purpose and the result is here – Nam Su, specialising in Shan ethnic cuisine, has just opened last weekend.

Inside, it is filled with rounded marble tables and the wall is decorated with liquor bottles and framed photos of the owner Htet Myat Oo and his family. The restaurant is, in fact, inspired by the meals that the proprietor had been familiar with during his living in Lashio, Shan State.

The two-page menu is largely occupied by Shan traditional food including noodle salads, warm tofu noodles, mi xiang and more. We took an order of three dishes.

Condiments play a vital role in Shan food. For example, the noodle salad is best paired with pickled mustard and chili. Nam Su gets this combination and provides guests with three condiments; Shan chili with coriander and garlic, pickled mustard and ginger immersed in vinegar – all homemade.

Kengtung Mee Shay (Ks 3,500).

The bowl of Kengtung Mee Shay (Ks 3,500) has generous chicken slices but is very mild in taste. You might want to add condiments to make it strong and spicy as it is how most Myanmar people enjoy.

Our recommended choice is a rice dish with grilled pork neck and onsen egg (Ks 6,500). The egg is cooked at 62 degrees and added the rich, creamy texture to the sticky Shan rice and tender pork neck. Pair it with Shan chili and vinegar soaked ginger. Yum!

Shan rice with grilled pork neck and onsen egg (Ks 6,500).

Next, you just can’t leave a Shan restaurant without tasting its Khaw Pote or fried sticky rice chunks (Ks 2,500). It is a favourite snack of Shan people as a side dish or dessert, depending on the dip. We have it with silken tofu which is a bit tart. Ask for the jaggery sauce if you have a sweet tooth.

We ordered a sweetcorn pancake with vanilla ice-cream (Ks 4,000) for dessert. The pancake is soft comes with the authentic sweetness of the corn. But the vanilla ice-cream, which is unnecessary in my opinion, was a normal scoop and I’d rather have two pancakes for the same price.

The drink menu comprises classic and signature cocktails, wines, beers and liquors. Most of the cocktails are priced at Ks 5,000 but we didn’t try since it’s a working hour. Yet, Jasmine’s Negroni which is a blend of jasmine tea infused gin and vermouth has caught my eyes. I will definitely try it on my next occasion.

Overall, Nam Su aims to cater to everyone with various budget options since the prices are set between Ks 2,000 and Ks 10,000. With an ethnic food boom, restaurants focused on traditional cuisines have peered throughout the city. The competition is particularly fierce in Shan food with many comers and established brands. With a packed menu and smart pricing, Nam Su will be worth a visit for your next Foodie Adventure!

Address: No. 116/118, Bogalayzay Street (lower block), Botahtaung Tsp, Yangon
Phone: 09 894 120 277
Hours: 11 am – 11 pm

UPDATE: As I calculated on the 3-star scale, I formerly gave it 2.5 stars. Now we’re adapted to the 5-star scale, so its rating is changed to 4.5. Sorry for the confusion.
– Author (12 March 2020)


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