Tazaungdaing festival that falls on the full moon day of Tazaungmone of Burmese lunar calendar, nearly at the end of November, is the nationwide holiday.

Kahtain means robe offering to monks by Myanmar people to its respective monasteries. One week or ten days before the event, parades from each region set off their journey on the streets, dance with paper maches of Myanmar’s famous cartoon characters and loud music, receive donations and later on, they put all the receiving funds on padetha trees—wooden structures shaped as trees hung with gifts. You can donate new slippers, soaps, umbrellas, funds and robes for monks.

As mathoe-robe weaving contest is happening in the evening of full moon day at most of the pagodas throughout Myanmar, the major and big one is held at Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon annually. Teams of weavers compete to finish the robe to offer to the pagoda before dawn as its special significant term. When the competition stops at 10pm, the team that can finish the earliest gets the winner prize and a chance to offer their winning robe to the pagoda. Teams that couldn’t complete till dawn will be considered as failure.

Maezali bud salad (Photo: Myfoodmyanmar).

In the next evening of Tazaungmone full moon day, the maezali bud salad will be treated in some pagodas around Myanmar. People believe that eating this maezali vegetable salad will make you free from 96 kinds of diseases. Some treats this at pagodas and some prepares at their houses and shares with friends.

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