Myanmore had a chance to attend an exclusive press conference held by Yili, one of the Asian leading dairy companies, from 17-19 September in Singapore. The event aimed to introduce the distribution of AMBROSIAL, the Greek-style yoghurt, in Myanmar and Singapore. In this interview with Mrs. An Lei, Vice President of Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, Myanmore tried to grasp the concept behind the yoghurt.

The introduction of AMBROSIAL, a Greek-style yoghurt

First, tell me about the purpose of this event.

This event is meant to introduce this premium yoghurt to the Southeast Asian market. Singapore and Myanmar are the first step of this market expansion.

In how many countries Yili is distributing AMBROSIAL?

This expansion plan is the first part of Yili’s global expansion plan – from Singapore and Myanmar to Southeast Asia, and then to the world.

How does this “Greek-style” yoghurt stand out?

First, it’s all about the texture. AMBROSIAL is famous for its rich and creamy texture. That’s why it’s dubbed as “rich and creamy indulgence”. We use the finest quality of raw milk. In partnership with Agricultural University of Athens in Greece, we developed its culture and that’s why our products have 30 per cent more protein. So it’s all about the mouthful indulgent taste.

The introduction of AMBROSIAL, a Greek-style yoghurt

Second, it is the packaging. Because of the nature of ambient yoghurt, it doesn’t need to be chilled or refrigerated. Hence, it can be consumed anytime anywhere.

Yili was involved in the 2008 Chinese Milk Crisis. How do you ensure the products’ safety?

This crisis had an impact on many dairy companies in China. Since, Yili has invested a lot of money and efforts to ensure that all the raw materials are sourced from top-quality farms. We also have safety monitoring and control systems from processing raw materials to distribution simply because safety is our top commitment and is not something that can be compromised.

Where does Yili source the raw materials now?

Yili has a global network of suppliers from Europe, Oceania and the Americas, so that we can meet the high consumer demand.

Myanmar is an agricultural country. Do you have any plans to source the raw materials locally?

Now AMBROSIAL is at its infancy stage. Before we enter the market, Yili has collaborated with local authorities and conducted consumer surveys to understand the consuming habits and demand. In future, we will do reviews for the opportunities to work with the authorities and potential business partners.

When shall the people of Myanmar expect to enjoy AMBROSIAL?

Yili is now working with local distributors. In Myanmar, AMBROSIAL will soon be available at Capital, Denko, Amazing Mart, 1 Stop Mart, Oasis Mini Mart, Orange and convenience stores.

The introduction of AMBROSIAL, a Greek-style yoghurt


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