If you feel like getting to know this wonderful and colorful country a bit more, the Myanmar’s Pride (no not the Pride that you think….) at The Secretariat this weekend gives a chance to experience culture, arts and the food of Myanmar. You will also get Myanmar Tea and snacks for FREE!

The Myanmar’s Pride is arranged to introduce Myanmar’s natural resources, culture and local products to foreigners and local people. The Secretariat as a location creates a good chance for the visitors to also connect with its history as the administrative headquarters of British Colonial and Myanmar (Burma) government for more than a hundred years. It is rich in historical significance – being where the first constitution of Burma was made;
where “General Aung San” was martyred; and where the first Myanmar flag was raised when Myanmar obtained Independence.

“The visitors can get the great sense of tradition through different aspects just in one place. Visitors can enjoy cultural performances and entertainment through the Shows. Moreover, visitors can explore the historical monument of Myanmar while enjoying the scenery and landscape of the Secretariat building.”

The event is running from 2pm-8pm between 4 and 6 October.

Entrance fee for foreigners: Ks 8,000 per head
Contact: 09 973763429
Email: [email protected]


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