Enchanted by the title: “Spark the Passion for Fashion”, all individuals who have this fueled passion for Fashion and Design are excited to encounter the journey of Yangoods Academy program which will begin in November, 2019.  Yangoods has freshly launched the Press Release event about Yangoods Academy on 21st  September 2019 at Yangon Gallery (People’s Park Compound).

Having set the main vision is to promote the growth of Myanmar’s fashion scene, Yangoods team has successfully furnished the introduction towards the second step of establishing a new team of fashion enthusiasts throughout all the provision of the upcoming workshop program. During the Press Release, the attendees had a distinct experience and tasted the sense of Fashion as they are clarified about the Culture of Fashion inside out as Hadrien Amezza (Brand Manager of Yangoods) emphasized on a few aspects: the importance of Fashion History, Respect for Fashion Art and Real Happiness as an end-result.

Likewise, Clara Baik, the Co-Founder of Yangoods, shared her experience of taking the initial step in introducing the very first product of Yangoods as she promotes the confident image of the luxury products- handbags and more to come in the near future.

Clara, Hadrien, Jean & May (Provided).

The program is officially known as the Fashion Internship Program and a platform for young entrepreneurs seeking to purchase their careers in fashion onwards. At Yangoods Academy, all the future participants are expected to share ideas and exhibit talents until they reach packaging and distributing processes.

This is the greatest opportunity for the public to officially apply for the program via online from given dates 23rd September to 4th October 2019. Only 20 candidates will be selected after the interview process which is challenging and it is always worth taking rare opportunities that could possibly change your life

For more information:
No. 8, Khattar Street, Thiri Khay Mar Ward, Sanchaung Township
09 771577823


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