Those in the know say that the sun-soaked Occitanie region of southern France is a hidden jewel, with perfect wine-producing terroirs and famous gastronomic specialties from land and sea. For three nights only from 5-7 September 2019, Chef Patrick Périé is inviting diners at The Strand Restaurant to join him on a culinary escape to the ‘authentic South of France’, experiencing a five-course dinner menu that celebrates the rich culinary repertoire of the Occitanie region, where the wine-producing area of Languedoc-Roussillon joins the slopes of the Midi-Pyrénées. 

Following a welcome mise en bouche of Millas au Citron, a corn and lemon zest cake that is typical of the southern region of France, the ‘Occitanie Escapade at The Strand Restaurant’ menu continues with a choice of entrée; either Escargots à la Languedocienne, an escargot casserole stewed with tomato, duck fat, ham, walnuts, saffron, garlic, onions and parsley butter, or Miniature de Tielle à la Sétoise, an octopus pie paired with octopus salad, roasted cherry tomato, and fresh basil oil. This is followed by a soup themed around La Terre et la Mer, a duck foie gras soup with poached fresh oyster and crispy corn cracker.

As diners move through the Occitanie menu, the fish course is Bourride; a typical dish of a fresh monk fish medallion and mussel stew with saffron, and garlic leek sauce; followed by the hearty traditional dish of Cassoulet de Castelnaudary; a dish of duck leg confit, Toulouse sausage, and smoked slab bacon with white beans, garlic and parsley that has been tended and cared for over a number of hours to draw out the rich flavours of the ingredients. The menu concludes with a Gâteau Rustique Toulousain, a rustic cake from Toulouse made from apricot, almond, and lemon served with vanilla and nougatine nugget ice cream. 

Chef Périé’s ‘Occitanie Escapade at The Strand Restaurant’s menu will be available over three evenings: on 5th, 6th and 7th September 2019. For further enquiries or table reservations, please visit the Strand Hotel’s website or call (95) 1243 377 to speak to one of the team.

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