“Open the door” is a solo exhibition currently on show at Bo Aung Kyaw Street Gallery. Despite ambience of the gallery and its wide array of expensive Acrylic painting, the show and a majority of the paintings did not deliver any kind of visual stimulation. Here’s why.

The concept of “Open the door”, according to the exhibiting artist Lae Phyu Pya Myo Myint, is speaking subliminally to the visitor with the “doors” being the visitor’s mind – metaphorically. Subliminal or not, I get the impression she’s trying too hard to be something different both in thought and in technique. Is the concept abstract? Only by definition.

In most of her paintings, which did not have labels, there were depictions of doors and even a window – windows were not disclosed in the artistic statement. The doors, slightly off-angled did not have the right composition nor did it have any perspective. No depth, no shadows; it was a 2D-esque display of bright tones suspended on white or other contrasting colors. Something to applaud her for is her use of complementary colors in some works.

I think Lae Phyu Pya Myo Myint’s talent lies in her more abstract pieces and her decision in trying to paint prettier subjects with a more relatable context is not going to and did not benefit her. I also feel that she should expand her horizons to the more risky subject matter and try to break away from the traditional and safe technique.

Moving on to her abstract pieces which were wide brushstrokes of pastel tones with the occasional white to balance out the lines and make it ‘airy.’ This to me, was the most appealing section of her work. These paintings are very roughly put together but most importantly, I can see some passion.

 The blue over purple portrayal of what appears to be temples in Bagan did have some potential. That was until the temples’ fronts were inaccurately sorted and were missing depth. Where is the viewer looking from? Directly from the front or from a very awkward degree? Intended or not, it does not look appealing.

 All in all, these paintings are still lacking some spark. The artist is still studying for a diploma in Arts from NUAC, and currently working as a full-time Art journalist/critic. There is still a lot more room for Lae Phyu Pya Myo Myint to improve, and I look forward to her next exhibition.

Do you feel like I haven’t represented my views properly? Go see for yourselves, the exhibition runs from the 18th to the 20th of September. 

Bo Aung Kyaw Street Art Gallery

No.287/289(first floor), Bo Aung Kyaw Street (middle), Kyauktada Tsp

Disclaimer: These are my personal views, and the reader’s feedback will be accepted wholeheartedly. I do not have anything against the artist nor will I ever. This review is done independently. 


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