The first thing you notice when you walk in to Bamboo Noodle is how spotlessly clean it is. Or maybe that is just me because I like things to be nice and clean! It shows me that the management cares about the customer experience. The kitchen has a glass barrier so although the noise and smell doesn’t penetrate into the main room, you can see the preparation of foods fresh for you. 

The day I visited, one of the two air conditioning units wasn’t working very well, but to make sure customers were comfortable, they had thoughtfully installed a huge fan and everyone was cool and refreshed. They also had a fan for the kitchen staff which I found thoughtful and demonstrated an understanding of staff moral. 

The tables are long sharing tables, which work well as several people can share for a nice atmosphere. They are also good for a big group as I saw when I was there, with everyone able to get round the table without lots of moving the furniture around. On the table is the ubiquitous chilli, salt and napkins, as well as toothpicks, real chopsticks (rather than wooden or plastic) and packets of crispy pork skin. 

The key themes are bare wood, with sanded light table tops, and slices of cork on the walls. This with the white tiles gives bright room, even though the only windows are at the front. Hot green tea is presented when you take a seat, rather than the standard already being on the table, and it’s nice that it is prepared when you need it. 

Being a noodle house, of course the options are mainly noodles, but as a big fan of Shan noodles this was definitely a plus for me. I went for Shan Noodle (2,000 Kyats) salad style, not soup, and with chicken rather than pork. I also chose Dumplings Soup (2,500 Kyats). Both came with pickles and broth.

Shan Noodle (2,000 Kyats).

The noodles came with a good bit of spice but not overwhelming, and there was plenty of chicken and it was in proper bite size chunks. For me, the noodles were rather on the sticky side, grouping together in clumps that made them more difficult to eat and less of the lovely silky texture really good Shan noodles has. Overall good flavour though. I got a bowl of ten big dumplings, which were plump and flavorful. There was lots of lovely soy coming through, and plenty of fresh tartness from the spring onions.

I would say Bamboo Noodles is a good option if you work or live locally and are in need of a quick and easy lunch.

Address: No.5, South Race Course Road, Tamwe Township, Yangon
Tel:  09 2017326, 09 97968141
Hours: 6am – 9pm


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