The 6th Myanmar FoodBev event was held successfully with huge crowds of both local and international customers alike, all visiting and exploring new items introduced by vast range of food and beverage industries from August 15th, Wednesday until August 17th, 2019. Here at the occasion, the event is expected to be filled with over 5000 visitors (a 12% increase from the previous year).

The event is run with positive results of many customers especially, huge figures of visitors- that are housewives who come from Yangon’s different distinct townships. They are the first target of the event’s organiser as well, followed by the food retailers, restaurant owners, food advisors and chefs. 

The main vision of the exhibition is to stand as an international platform for connecting global manufacturers in Food and Beverages industry and retail technology in order to provide new business opportunity that can be formed and maintained from the beginning. 

Cultures of the countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia as well as Myanmar are further being introduced through specific products originated in own countries, which are then distributed throughout Asia continent. Clothing like Batik from Malaysia and fabrics are exhibited, spices from Saudi Arabia, taste and accommodative food from Korea are also made more familiar to Korean Entertainment fans. On the first day of the occasion, there was a cooking competition for the locals as offering an opportunity for them to discover their talents and passion in creating traditional dishes. In addition, there are organisations that provide services for retail solution and technologies. Having estimated that Myanmar Food and Beverage as well as Myanmar Retail Industries will attain strong growth in the following years, the exhibition and its outcomes can be now evaluated as beneficial. 

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